Author Topic: අපි අත දෙමු අපේ අයට..Api Tha Demu Ape Ayata..  (Read 5025 times)

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psE gQy [email protected]\ sQqE kL sm`j sw\k`r @mhQ pL kL psEv @b`@h`\ @qn` ap smg ev#nQ @q\t [email protected]\n k#m#w\w pYk`X kL`..

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[email protected]\ ptn\ gn\n hQwOvw\ apt nm| ey mh` @qyk\.

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Re: අපි අත දෙමු අපේ අයට..
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[email protected]\ uprQm [email protected]`\gy , @m| qvs\ vl on\lyQn\ @n`sQtQyw\ @m| v#@d|t @k`@h`m hrQ env`
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