Author Topic: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]  (Read 12911 times)

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"SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« on: September 17, 2007, 06:53:06 PM »
sEqE, kU sh aU

@m| kQyn\nt yn\@n\ cQwYptQyk\ g#n nm| @n`@v|... cQwYptyk\ @n`vEnw\, e' wrmtm ek\ vs\wO vQ;yyk\ @k\n\qY krgw\ iL k#@dn vQhQU, wY`sjnk stn\ sh k`@ln\ k`@lt @vns\ vn @pm| hvEl\ a`qW @b`@h`\ gON`Agyn\@gn\ kQsQqE adEvk\ @n`vn @mrt @q\Xp`[email protected]\ vr\wm`n ww\vy pQlQb[ @ktQ vQmsWmkQ.

XWY l`[email protected]\y @q\Xp`[email protected]\ vr\wm`ny sh iwQh`sy gw\ kl, ehQ w#n\ w#n\ vl sEqE crQw sh kU crQw rFsk\ q#kQy h#kQ @vyQ. sEqE y#yQ h[En\vn crQwyn\hQ q a#w#m| w#n\ vl kU p#l\lm| n#wOv`m @n`@vn` @s\ @mrt @q\Xp`[email protected]\ eq` @mq` wOr kU y#yQ sm|mw crQw vl q sEqE p#h#y w#nQn\ w#n @h`\ g$vW a#wQ b#v|, @mrt @q\Xp`lnQk crQw @h`[Qn\ a{&yny krn\@nkOt @[email protected]\.

awWwy [email protected]\ y.. ehQ kw`kl yEwO @b`@h`\ @q\ a#ww\, q#nt vr\wm`ny kr emE..

s#bvQn\m, vr\wm`[email protected]\ [email protected]\ [email protected]| @q\Xp`lny wOl @mm kU sh sEqE crQw apt hmE vn\@n\ @[email protected]\ q? sr\vjn Cn\q bly hQmQ ap vQsQn\ kU crQw mgh#r sEqE crQw vlQn\ pQrQ l`[email protected]\y @q\Xp`lnyk\ bQhQ krlWmt kl yEw\@w\ kOmk\ q? yn kr#NE k`rN`vn\ g#n @m`@h`wk\ sQwmE.

cn\qQYk` bN\d`rn`yk, rnQl\ vQkYmsQAh, mhQn\q r`jpk\; a`qW crQw aq @q\Xp`[email protected]\ rMq#k\@vn` e'v` bv apQ h#m qnQmE. iwQA, @m| crQw q sEqE sh kU [email protected]\ apQ h[En`gw yEw\@w\, ovEn\@g\ awWw sh vr\wm`n x`vQwyn\ pQLQb[ [email protected]\smQn\ @s`y` b#[email protected]\ pmNQ.

av`sn`vkt @mn\, XWY l`[email protected]\y Cn\qq`ykyQn\t vr\wm`[email protected]\ qW @mrt @q\Xp`lny wOlQn\ "vQn`Xk`rW kU crQwyk\ @vnEvt wnQkrm sEqE crQwyk\ @s`y` g#[email protected]| @h`\ @w`\r` g#[email protected]|" x`g&y @n`m#wQ bv apQ h#@m`\m qn\n` vR k`rN`vk\ vn\@n\, "sEqE crQwyk\" @s`y` g#nWm @m| vnvQtw\ sQhQnyk\ vW a#wQ bvQnQ.

[email protected]\ nm|, @mrt jnw`vt a#w\@w\ vQkl\p @qkkQ..

1. vQn`Xk`rW kU crQwym @w`\r` pw\kr g#nWm @h`\ [email protected]`\gy q#k\vWm.


2. vQn`Xk`rW kU crQw vlt w`vk`lQk vQkl\pyk\ @ls,
kU p#l\lm| a#wQ sEqE crQw q kQhQpyk\ n#[email protected]`w\ kU sEqE mQXY vR "aU crQw" @mrt jnw`[email protected]\ yh p#v#w\m [email protected]` "x`vQw kQrWm" yQ.

em wr\ky [email protected]\ nm|,
@kqQnk @h`\ l`[email protected]\y @q\Xp`lny wOlQn\, @mrt jnw`vt "sEqE crQwyk\" h[En`gw h#kQ vR q`t, [email protected]\ "x`vQw kl" aU crQwy @vnEvt a`@q\X kl h#k.

mn\q, "wnQkrm kU crQwyk\ blyt @gn e'@mn\, @m| [email protected]| @q\Xp`lnyt sh jnw`vt sQqE vn vQn`Xy sh ss[` b#[email protected]| qW, "aU crQwyk\" mgQn\ sQqEvn av#d sh h`nQy avm b#vQn\ eyq vQ[ qr` g#nWmt sQqEvWm ob ap h#[email protected]\ @pr kl kr\m vl vQp`kyn\ @s\ sQw` g#[email protected]\ s#nsWmt h#kQ nQs`@vnQ.

[email protected]\nm|, vr\wm`[email protected]\ @[email protected] apQ @w`\r`g#nWmt yEhEsEU vWmt sQqE vW a#w\@w\, "sEqE crQw" @n`v, "aU crQw" m y...

" mAgl, [email protected], @hL ur#my, rnQl\, cn\qQYk` @h`\ mhQn\q ........ "

@m|v`yQn\ wnQkr m sEqE crQwyk\ kWmt h#k\@k\ k` ht q?
[email protected]\, "am|b`nt kU" @h`\ "kU mQXY sEqE @hvw\ aU" crQw  nm| @s`y` g#nWmt ewrm| aphsE @n`@v|.

[email protected]\,
"kU crQwykQn\" sQqE vn h`nQy avm kr g#nWmt nm|,
"sEqE" @n`v "aU" crQwy m "kU crQw" vlt mr\qnyk\ @s\ w`vk`lQk v p`vQc|cQ krn\n.. apt kQrWmt a#w\@w\ epmNkQ.

s#bvQn\ m obt, apt, [email protected]\ [email protected]| jny`t @m| vn vQt "@w\rWm" pQlQb[ v mEhEN qWmt a#wQ ekm ktEk yw`r\}y ey pmN m b#vQnQ.

- sQAhly` vQmsEm smg "a`qrNWy @vbW"
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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2007, 12:46:53 PM »
s#b#vQn\m vr\}m`[email protected]\ [email protected]\ [email protected]| @q\Xp`lny sh p`r\[email protected]|n\wOv ynE [email protected]\m vQhQUvk\ pmnk\ y#yQ [email protected]\.
    mQnQsEn\ bly psEps lEhEb#[ qQvWmw\ e' awr s`mn& jnw`v e' [email protected]` bQl\lt g#nWmw\ nQs` @m| ww\vy a#wQ vW a#w.a#w\wtm aq @q\Xp`ln crQw awr @vbW pvsn a`k`ryt sEqk\nm| @[email protected]\nt n#w.a#w\@w kUm kU md n`gw\ pQrQsk\ [email protected]| awr nQvt kmQn\ adEvk\ n#wQ pQrQsw\ n#wOv`m @n`@v|.
              wvw\ vQX\my jnk pEvwk\ nm| @h`\dQy pAwQy pQlQb[vvw\ q#nEmk\ n#wQ [email protected]\ uw\[email protected] psEgQyq` a`sQy`[email protected]\m uwOm| sm|m`nykOw\ l#bWmyQ.e' nm| [email protected]\m sEqEm sEqE crQwykQ.(il k#@dn\n hQn`,
        @vbW, [email protected]`t e' @m`[email protected]\ crQwq kQyl hQw` gn\n b#h#@n.kU vltw\ vd` an\w kU ptk\ [email protected]?????????


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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2007, 03:03:06 PM »
Black White and Gray. While white is the mixer of all colors in the spectrum, Black is the inability of light to reflect off an object. Grey is the color that is made by mixing Black and White and has many shades depending on the proportions mixed.

The Spectrum of Visible Light starts at infrared and ends at ultra violet. For the best of my knowledge Black, White nor Grey has a place in it.

Politicians are the leaders of a nation selected by its citizens. When the electorate is good, it will produce good politicians while a bad electorate will produce bad leaders. A society that is failing will produce faulty leaders.

Sri Lankan parliament is not different to any gathering of us, Sri Lankan. This seen is repeated every time a group of Sri Lankans meet, in a crowded bus, a musical show or a class room. We are a product of a blame society. (Guilt society is at the other end). As a society we fail to recognize the right of others for equality. As individuals we fail to understand that certain duties have to be done, if we are to prosper as a nation.

So Webby our parliament will be full of these jokers till we learn how to behave as decent citizens. Parliamentarians are, after all the representatives of this society that elected them. And we elect them on secret ballet with a majority decision. (I know that few get in thru the back door). But the majority got our votes, and they represent us. So why can’t they behave like we do?

The only way to change this Black and Grey lot is by changing ourselves first. Not by settling for Grey in the absence of White. Lets us thrive for White Politicians and above all for White Citizens.   

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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2007, 10:59:12 PM »
@b`@h`\ sEqE @h`\ @b`@h`\ kU crQw ap awr @n`@vw\, ap sQyl\@l`\m @h`[ h` nrk ekt mQXQYw aU crQw vn\@n\yyQ mt [email protected]\
apQ sQyl\@l`\m apQt v`sQ @vn vQqQht v#d krn\n hEr# @vl` in\n nQs`y#yQ mt [email protected]\.

ob kQyn @q\ a#w\w, nmEw\ pEq\glyn\ kU @vn\@nw\ aU @vn\@nw\ sEqE @vn\@nw\, nQv#rqQ h#qQy`vk\, a`gmQk s`m`jWy sAvr\{nyk\ n#wQ nQs`w\ kQyl`

e'[email protected]\m sm`jy vQsQn\ e' pEq\gly`t hQmQ kr @qn w#n , e' pEq\gly`v @k`tE krl` [email protected] w#n nQs`w\ pEq\gl crQw ob kQyn vQqQht kU aU sh sEqE @ls @l\bl\ kL h#k

hQwn\n, sEqE kdq`sQyk\ mw kU wWn\w p#l\lmk\ w#bEv[email protected]`w\ e' @qs ek el\@l\ bln\@nkOt @[email protected]\@n\ kU p#l\lm mQsk\ avt [email protected] sEqE p`t @n`@v| @n\q, an\n e' [email protected]\ pEq\glyQn\@g\ v#rqQ vQwrk\m @[email protected] vQqQht smhr vQt [email protected]\ hQw\ h#dg#hQl`.

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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2007, 11:15:04 PM »
wr$, v#lW, sWgQrQ,
ob [email protected]`@g\ m aqhs\ pQLQgw h#kQ yQ. ob [email protected]` @mn\m m` q wmn\ vQsQn\ qk\vn lq aqhst "s`{`rNyk\" krn\nt uw\s`h krl [email protected]

[email protected]| @mvn\ vtQn` aqhs\ wv lb` @qn\n,. evQt m`@g\ @mm lQyvQl\@l\ hrvw\ bvt [email protected]| em hrvw\ aqhsw\ ek\ [email protected]\, "apQt kQyn\nt o|n$ @qy" vd`w\ v p#h#qQlQ v kQyn\nt pElEvn\ @v|vQ..

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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2007, 02:02:51 PM »
 :)        :?

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Re: "SUDU, KALU saha ALU" - [[ 3rd Floor Edition @ 17-09-2007 ]]
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2008, 09:44:13 AM »
MMMMMM..............LASSANA TOPIC 1K,,,,MAN Hitanne boho velavata sudu kalu alu kiyana charitha nirmanaya karanne api nathanm ape vatapitavamai kiyala..api hamoma ipadenne 1ka ma vidiyakata 1kama kramekata.enna issella danna api sudu da kaluda aluda kiyala(shareraye pata nam kiyanna puluvan 8)hihi)..itin avata passe mulinma mey charithavalata abasaya denne demavpiyn,,mey venakota sudu kalu alu vela inna charitha aluthin ipaduna lamayath mey charitha gode itthek karagannva danuvath kamin ho nodanuvathkamin,,,ex;;;bebadu tattha kenek kiyanne na thamange putatath bonna kiyala but eya eai deita adrshamath venava beepan putha beepan kiyala nodanuvatham hihihih..itin mata kiyanna one une politics kiyana topic 1ka yatathe vitharak nove apita edineda hamuvena hama charithayakma mey vage like me and u..(mamanam black charactor hihihi).....
                      itin ratagana katha karanna issella api api gana hithamu,,kathakarmu,,varadi adura ganimu..ehema neda hoda ane man danna mata hithenne ehemai...api kavada hari ikmanata mey rate demavpiyan kiyana charithaya ganna inna kattiya(badapu nathi evun ne inne godak hihih)...iti mey ganna inna charithe vadagath,,gauravanvitha charithayak karagatthoooth hodai neda ethakota oya kiyana charitha 1k vath avshya vena 1k naha neda??/
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