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~~~~~ Mission Impossible Was Made Mission Possible ~~~~~
« on: March 27, 2009, 10:52:41 AM »

sQhQn Il`m| @q\Xy vr\g [email protected]`\mWtrykt sWm` @v|... - el\.tW.tW.I. n`yky`w\ rjy vQsQn\ nm| kl yEq mEk\w kl`[email protected]\..
- @k`tQn\t [email protected] @qn bthQr rtvl\ il\lA kyQ q? - vQmsEmk\..

sW I ktEv`[email protected]\, sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy
2009 m`r\wO 26 @hvw\ [email protected]\ qQn vn vQt el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\@g\ [email protected]\ pvwQn mEU xSmQ pYm`Ny vr\g [email protected]`\mWtryk kOd` bQm| wWr#vkt pmNk\ sWm` krlWmt avsn\ [email protected]\ nQrw [email protected]`\{`r a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ smw\ v sQtQn bv sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQyt v`r\w` @v|.

@m| vnvQt mEq` g#nWmt nQymQwv a#wQ mEU xSmQ pYm`Ny a`sn\n [email protected]\ vr\g [email protected]`\mWtr\ 21k\ vn awr eyQn\ vr\g [email protected]`\mWtr\ 20k\ xSmQ [email protected]\Xyk\ ayw\ vn\@n\, s`m`n& v#sQyn\@g\ a`rk\;`v wk` rjy vQsQn\ nm| kl yEq mEk\w kl`pyt y. em vr\g [email protected]`\mWtr 20k @vrLbd bQm| wWr#v wOl s`m`n& v#sQyn\ 50,000 w\ 60,000w\ awr pQrQsk\ el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\ vQsQn\ mQnQs\ pLQhk\ @s\ wvmw\ r[v`@gn sQtQn awr ovEn\ mEq` gw\ [email protected]\Xy @vw p#mQNWm el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\ vQsQn\ avhQr krmQn\ sQtQn bv q v`r\w` @v|.

el\.tW.tW.I. n`yk @v|UpQl\@l\ pYx`krn\ sh @ssE n`ykyn\ q @m| vn vQt ovEn\@g\ a`rk\;`v wk` nn\qQkd`l\ klpEvt m`yQm| v, pEqEm`wln\ - @vl\lmEl\[email protected]@vk\k`l\ [email protected]\X hrh` [email protected] vr\g [email protected]`\mWtr\ 20k ptE bQm| wWr#vk pQhQtQ "yEq mEk\w kl`py" wOl rF[W sQtQn bv yEq hmEq` bEq\{Q @w`rwOr# vlt anEv s[hn\ y. em yEq mEk\w kl`[email protected]\ mEq`gw\ [email protected]\X @vw p#mQNQ sQvQl\ v#sQyn\@gn\ lw\ @w`rwOr# vlt anEv q yEq hmEq` bEq\{Q e'kk vlQn\ lq @w`rwOr# mn`v s#s[W [email protected]|.

@m| anEv el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\@g\ sQhQn Il`m| @q\Xyt ayw\ xSmQ [email protected]\Xy vr\g [email protected]`\mWtrykt pmNk\ sWm` vW a#w.

psEgQyq` mElwQv| [email protected]\[email protected]\ kl @s`\qQsQ @[email protected] qW a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ awt pw\ el\.tW.tW.I. n`ykyn\ rF[W sQtQ s\}`nyk\ nQrWk\;Ny [email protected]| qW "sQhQn Il`m| @q\Xy" ayw\ sQwQymk\ hmE vE awr,
em sQwQymt anEv [email protected]| sQt uwOr# @qst, hl`vw, mn\n`rm hrh` y`pn ar\{q\vWpy q psE krmQn\ mElwQv|, wQYkON`mly, mdklpEv hrh` kwrgm qk\v` vE [email protected]\X sQhQn Ilmt ayw\ y#yQ slk` a#w. [email protected]\m qQvyQn ax&n\wryt vn\nt pQhQtQ anEr`{pEr, @p`@l`n\nr#v, v#lQoy sh wNml\vQl yn [email protected]\X q ihw sQwQymt anEv ayw\ vn\@n\ el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\@g\ sQhQn Il`m| @q\Xyt y.

el\.tW.tW.I. n`yky` vQsQn\ @mm sQwQym "m`s\tr\ p\l$n\" [email protected]\ h[En\v` qW wQbQNQ.

[email protected]\ vsr 30k\ pEr` @mrt sh j`w&n\wr v xWwQy p#wQrvE m|@l\c|C el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`[email protected]\ ihw armENE sQyl\lm XWY lAk` a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ vQsQn\ v&r\} kr a#wQ awr @l`v vd`w\ kQYy`k`rW sh upkYmXWlW m yEq hmEq`vk\ @v| nm| e' XWY lAk` a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ vWm s#bvQn\ m a`dm|brykQ. @m| ap pvsn` q$ pmNk\ @n`@v|.. XWY lAk` a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ vQsQn\ pY`@y`\gQk v op\pE kr a#wQ k`rN`vkQ.

vsr 30k\ wOl 70,000 qhskt a{Qk XWY l`AkQkyn\ [email protected]\ G`wn sQqE kl m|@l\c|C el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWhE @mrt jn`{QpwQvr#n\ v amE [email protected]| G`wny [email protected]`\ y.. a#mwQvr#, hmEq` pY{`nWn\ v G`wny [email protected]`\ y.. kQwONE, mEs\lQm| sh qmQL pRjkwOmn\, hQmQvr#n\ v G`wny [email protected]`\ y.. a#w#m| avs\}`vn\ hQ [email protected] vrqk\ @n`kl hyk\ hwrk\ @n`qw\ qr# sQMQw\wn\ pv` m|@l\c|C @ls G`wny kr [email protected]\ @p`@r`\ vlQn\ kp` @k`t` y. e' wrmtm pYx`krn\ nm| k`lkn\NQ hQMn\n`@g\ el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qy sk\kQlQ vQy.. n#wQnm| kOp`dQ vQy.. [email protected] in\qQy`@v| agm#wQvry` vR rjWv| g`n\{Q mhw` v q mr`@gn m#@rn @b`\m|bk`rQyk\ ev` am`nE;Qk @ls in\qQy`@v| qW mr` q#[email protected]\ m|@l\c|C el\.tW.tW.I. wYs\wv`qWn\ vQsQnQ.

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@mm an`v#kQyt @h`[m uq`hrNy nm|,
q#nEqE k#nd`@v| qmQL Cn\q @n`m#wQv Cn\q v&`p`ryk\vw\ [email protected] y`mt k#nd` @q\Xp`lkyn\t @n`h#kQ vW a#w. e' wrmtm qmQl [email protected]`\jny ovEn\t wWrN`w\mk vW [email protected]|. @m| awr k#nd`@v|, @n`\r\@v|, s\vQt|sr\ln\[email protected]\, bQYw`n&@y\ sh @vnw\ [email protected]`\p` rtvl sQqE vn sAvQ{`n`w\mk m`fQy` kl\lQ, kp\pm| kl\lQ a`qQy wOl sQtQn qmQL [email protected]`\jny sEUptE @n`@v|.. em apr`{ vlt sm|bn\{ vn el\.tW.tW.I. @h`\ Il`m|v`qWn\@g\ pQrQs q s#lkQy yEwO pYm`NykQ.

srl v kQynv` nm|, @k`@h\ @h`\ "@g\m|" ekk\ q, eyt qmQl pQrQs\ @k`@hn\ @h`\ sm|bn\{ vW a#wQ bv y.
@myQn\ pvsn\@n\ qmQL pYj`v apr`{k`ryQn\ bv @n`@v|.. bhEwryk\ qmQl pYj`v ahQAsk y.. wQry pQtEps sQt ovEn\ v @[email protected] pQrQsk\ sQtW,, e' j`w&n\wr Il`m|j`lyt sm|bn\{ wYs\w hQwv`qW, @bqEm|v`qW sh j`wQv`qW aqhs\ shQw kN\d`ym| bvt h[En`g#nWm vtW.

@m| anEv em qmQl pYj`v awr sQtQn el\.tW.tW.I. s`m`jQkyn\ kvq` @h`\ sAvQ{`ny [email protected]| avq`nm iqQrQ vsr 20k\ k`ly wOl anQv`r\[email protected]\ sQqE vnE a#w.

eqQnt k#nd`v ynE, wmn\@g\ nQjbQm vn "kn\nd`v" bv an`gw Il`m|v`qWn\ pvsnv` nm| ewrm| pEqEm vQy yEwO n#w. ihwQn\ s[hn\ kl [email protected]\ rtvl\ hQ irNm q @m| h` sm`n vnE a#w.

- sQAhly` pEvw\

The Original News Source:

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English Tranlation >> Mission Impossible Was Made Mission Possible ~~~~~
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2009, 09:15:12 PM »
"Mission Impossible” was made “Mission Possible”
- A prediction on the fatal future of Switzerland, Britain, Norway, Malaysia, South Africa and Canada - Sri Lankan Security forces restricted “Dreamland of Eelam” in to just 1sqkm

C.E. Katuwawalage and Asha Nanayakkara, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka :
The advancing troops of Sri Lankan security forces have pushed LTTE terrorists further and the remaining ground under LTTE’s grip is just 1 sqkms, military sources said SINHALAYA News Agency. The total ground to be liberated is of 21sqkms out of which 20sqkms belong to the SL government-declared no-fire zone.

LTTE terrorists are holding around 50,000 - 60,000 civilians trapped in the non-liberated areas as hostages and try to stop them fleeing from all means.

LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran along with other top leaders have been citied in the safe-zone which lies across Puthumathalan and Wellamulliwaikkal areas, intelligent units had affirmed. Also the civilians moved in to the government-controlled areas had confirmed the fact.

LTTE’s dream Eelam territory is now only a small strip of land which is of 1sqkm in size.

Meanwhile during a clearing operation conducted in a LTTE’s hideout place in Mullaittivu, security forces had found a map which is of the “Dreamland of Eelam”. According to the map, LTTE had considered from Negambo through Chilaw, Mannar till Jaffna Peninsula and from Mullaittivu, Trincomalee, Batticaloa till Katharagama (3/5 of coastal line of the island and sea area) as their dreamland. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Welioya and Thanamalwila (3/2 of land area of the island) also were illustrated in the map, which was acknowledged as “Master Plan” by the LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran.

The dedicated SL security forces have defeated LTTE terrorist group- once the mightiest in the world. LTTE terrorist group completely destroyed the economy, unity and harmony of Sri Lanka for the past 3 decades. Many believed that the “LTTE can never be defeated, it’s just impossible”. That was in past, 3 decades ago. Now the “Mission impossible” has made “Mission possible” by the determined and dedicated Troops of Sri Lanka, within just two and a half years!

LTTE is the terrorists group which brutally killed nearly 70,000 innocent civilians during the last 3 decades. LTTE also assassinated Sri Lanka’s presidents, MPs, veteran Army chiefs, religious leaders and even the little children who have nothing to do with terrorism, were massacred.

There is a list of attacks attributed to LTTE terror group. LTTE’s terrorism went off-shore when they assassinated former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi.

LTTE terrorists are wedded to mindless violence and have nothing to do with Tamil aspirations.

But it’s unfortunate and shameless that still there are some who does not understand this simple truth. It’s a well known fact that LTTE is present in over 44 countries. Out of which 12 are considered to be the top-level contributing countries. Norway, Switzerland, Britain, Malaysia, South Africa and Canada are to name a few. According to their books terrorism is multi-faceted. There is terrorism in Gaza Strip, Afghanistan and Iraq but not in Sri Lanka. Big shots like Al-Qaeda or Taliban are terror groups. But when it comes to Sri Lanka, LTTE are the liberators, freedom fighters or rebels; what they fight for is liberation of Tamil people. The so called “Human Rights Protectors” and some foreign-funded NGOs are all out there lending their voice to favor terrorism and to satisfy their paymasters.

Millions and billions of dollars were flown from those top-level contributing countries for the name of Eelam.

All those who preach for LTTE better be watchful. LTTE will definitely pay back. Who can tell the scattered pro-LTTE parties will not reunite within those countries and start demanding for their own piece of land ??? The situation of those countries may be worse than Sri Lanka. The support will be a boomerang for all the LTTE supporters.

There is a base for all these predictions. The best comes from Canada. Even now in Canada, in any referendum Tamil votes play the major role. Without them, politicians are “handicapped”! European countries including Norway, Switzerland and Britain facilitate fundraising activities of LTTE. LTTE’s involvement in narcotics trade and gang violence has a considerable impact on LTTE’s widespread international network during the formative years.

There is most recent evidence from France. The killing of Police officer in Paris cited a direct involvement of the LTTE international network. Tamil gang violence has escalated in London and Canada as well. Collections from individuals and business ventures, human smuggling and criminal activities are the primary methods of fundraising for LTTE.

Extortion is the major method in France to collect funds for LTTE. Every Tamil individual in France had to pay 1000 euros every month whereas it was 10,000 euros for Tamil businessmen. An informant of SINHALAYA News Agency had encountered a businessmen engaged in automobile spare parts business whose business was totally collapsed due to paying LTTE fundraisers for over 4 years.

In most of the above stated countries do suffer from the violence created by these organized pro-LTTE Tamil gangs. Kindly note it is “pro-LTTE Tamil gangs”! Not “Tamil people”! Most of the Tamilians are innocent and forced to support LTTE in some or the other way.

European countries carry a risk of facing the consequences of the reunion of pro-LTTE elements. This may take 1 year, 2 years or may be as long as 20 years. But it will definitely happen. Then all those who surrogated LTTE will pay the cost.

On one fine day they will demand for Canada telling that it’s their “Kannaada”. And the rest of the countries’ situation will not take much of a difference.

(An Adoption of the Sinhalese Article done by C.E. Katuwawalage, SINHALAYA News Agency – 27.03.2009)

- Sinhalaya News

The Original News Source:

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