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Customer care nam Nil
« on: September 21, 2008, 10:23:05 PM »

mt mwk\ vEn` ek\wr` sQqEvWmk\, @m|k sQq\{ [email protected]\ [email protected]\ mQwOrQykt. mmw\ oy sQq\{Qy un w#n un\n`. apQ @qn\n` ar vQl`sQw`vl nQvs kQyl` h[En\vn s`p\pE sAkWr\Nykt gQy`. on\n hrQ l`@bt a#[Em| [email protected]` kQyl` pYsQq\{Qyk\ usEln nQs`m [email protected]\t [email protected]\. [email protected]\qQ [email protected]\ @[email protected] q#k\k` @p`dQ m#tQ vlQn\ hqpE p#n\sl\ r[vnyk\. on\n a$ e'k a#@g\ n#gnQyt @gnQyn\n hQwOv`. e' p`r ewn hQtpE @s\[email protected]\@gn\ e'k @pt|tQyt q`l` @qnvq a#hEvm ar pEq\gly` gQhQn\ @pt|tQyk\ @gnw\ a#@g\ [email protected]\ wQb|b`. on\n q#A iwQrQy @vc|c a`k`[email protected]\m lQyl` wQyn\nm|

a$ - mt @m|k a#rl` @pn\vn\n pElEvn\q ?

@s\vky` - a#rl` bln\n @qyk\ n$ o|km wmyQ a#[email protected]\ [email protected]\@n\

a$ - n$ @m|k w$g\gk\ @qn\n enQs` a#[email protected]\ [email protected] ek k#dQlq n#q\q kQyl` bln\n o|n`

@s\vky` - a` @[email protected]\ gw\wyQ kQyn\[email protected]`\ o|@n @[email protected]\t bdE XOvr\. 

a$ - e'w\ mm bllyQ gn\n o|n`

@s\vky` @n`rQs\sEm| shgw mEhENk\ @pn\vmQn\ @[email protected]\ kQymQn\ @pt|tQy arQyQ

@s\vky` - r#. 195 k @qyk\q w$gQ @qn\@n\, mm kQv|[email protected]\ bdE XOvr\ kQyl` a` bln\n.

ymk\ kQyn\n [email protected]\ kt nlQyyQ, a#y @smQn\ @k`[Er` mt kt pQy`@gn in\n y#yQ pvsyQ.

@pt|tQy a#r b$lR vQt @pt|[email protected]\ wQbEn m#tQ [email protected]| sQtQn @b`\nQk\k`@g\ @bl\l @qkt m#qQn\ k#dW wQbEn`  . mt nm| @hn a`wl\ ekk\ gQy`, [email protected]\ kt [email protected]|mm v#hEn`

[email protected]\ mQwOrQy @b`@h`m ivsn @[email protected]\ nQs` @h`[yQ, mt [email protected] un`nm| mm @h`[vyQn\ @qkk\ kQyl`.

a$ - a` q#n\ @m`kq kQyn\@n\ ?  apQ sl\lQ qWl` gn\n bdEv @ck\ krl` gn\n apQt ayQwQyk\ [email protected]`. e'k mwk wQy`gn\n, apQt pElEvn\ h#tQyt [email protected]\ [email protected]\ wQyn mEqlt apQ gn\n w$g\g g#n arv` @m|v` kQyn\n oy`lt ayQwQyk\ n$.

@s\vky`, kt pQy`@gn bQm bl`@gn a#@g\ aw wQbR pYqr\Xnyt wQbR m#tQ p#n\sl\ r[vny @pt|tQyt qm` ow` @qyQ.

mm - mm nm| ar$t @h`[vyQn\ @qkk\ kQynv` oy` ep` kQypE nQs` @n`kQv|@v|, apQ m#@n\jrytvw\ @m|k g#n km|p\@l\n\ krmE.

a$- v#dk\ n$ , nRgw\ km nQs`@n\ [email protected]`m kQyvn\@n\, a#rw\ ugw\ kmk\ sAymyk\ wQb|b`nm| @m|[email protected]\ rs\s` krn\@n\ [email protected][email protected]`m ayt anEkm|p` krn\n o|@n\. ar mnEs\[email protected]\ rs\s`vt apQ vQn krn ek @h`[n$, @m`@l\ kL[k\ hrQ [email protected]`nm| @m| @vc|c @qyQn\ e' mnEs\sy` @h`[ p`dmk\ [email protected] gn\n a#wQ.
a#rw\ ewn oy` kw` krn\n gQy`nm|, own pYX\@n qQg\ g#@hnv` , ivsWm [email protected]\ pQrQmQn\t ...

e'w\ ek\km a#nEm| pqykOw\ [email protected]|

p`[email protected]`\gQkyn\t s#lkWm awQn\nm| [email protected]\ [email protected]| a#w#m| @vL[ s\}`n iw` phL mt|tmk sQtQn\@n\, smhr# slkn\@n\ nQkm| o|@n nm| argnQn\ n#w\nm| plyn\ [email protected]\.
mm qn\nv` @m|k kQyvn obtw\ @mv#nQ aw\q#kWm| o|@n wrm| a#wQ @bq` gn\n, k#mwQnm| @mwn lQyn\n ...
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