Author Topic: ""..Thaniwuni man..""  (Read 7687 times)

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Re: ""..Thaniwuni man..""
« Reply #20 on: December 09, 2008, 03:09:47 PM »
s[p`n qQh` bln\ kvQ lQyn\n hQwSn`t
wr# eLQy vQwrmyQ s[ aq n$ w`m..
sQw qkQn` h#m [email protected] m` lM ob sQtQy`t
[email protected] sQhQn vlt [email protected] mwky n$ @n\q..
@pm| hWn @b`[ @vl` sQvE vsrk\ @gvEn`t
b#[Q a`[email protected]\t sQw ob @s`ynv` w`m..
@pm| pQr#vw\ @kwrm| ob @n`l#@bn hQn\q`m
hQw hq`gw\@w mA pQA n#wQ hQn\q`m..

"obt ymk\ kl h#kQy#yQ ob vQX\v`s krn\@n\q,obt ey kl h#kQy.."
[email protected]' ekm @qyyQ ls\sn ..e' bl`@p`@r`w\wSvk\ @[email protected]\ qEk\ vQ[Wm..