Author Topic: Prabhakaran Blames Battle Leaders Of Charles Anthony..!  (Read 1798 times)

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Prabhakaran Blames Battle Leaders Of Charles Anthony..!
« on: September 24, 2008, 01:58:26 AM »
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vn\nQ stn\ [email protected]| [email protected]`c|cQy kr` iqQrQyt a#@qn a`rk\;k hmEq`vn\ hQ a`gmny nwr [email protected]| aqQtnQn\ stnt @yqvE @k`tQn\ wYs\wv`qWn\@g\ pYblwm pYh`rk @s\n`Akyk\ @s\ kQy`gw\ c`l\s\ a#n\wnW bLk`yt q#dQ h`nQ [email protected]\ armENE sEn\ krgw\ el\.tW.tW.I. n`ykw\vy vQsQn\ em bLk`@y\ ihL @[email protected]\ wYs\wv`qWn\t q#dQ @s\ @q`\;`@r`\pNy @k`t a#w#yQ qYvQd @q\Xp`ln a`rAcQ m`r\gyk\ vQsQn\ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy @vw @hLQ kr [email protected]\ y.

el\.tW.tW.I. @y\ hqvw b[E [email protected]`c|cQ ngry a`rk\;k aAX awt pw\ vWm v#Lk\vWm s[h` el\.tW.tW.I. y wmn\@g\ uprQm Xk\wQy @y`qv` a#wQ bvw\, e' s[h` el\.tW.tW.I. y swO m#@nvQn\ pEhENE vE pYh`rk kN\d`ym| vn im|-r`n\ p`N\dQyn\ sh c`l\s\ a#n\wnW bLk`yn\ q @y`qv` a#wQ bv vn\nQ a`rk\;k mRl`XY vQsQn\ @hLQ [email protected] wQbQNQ. [email protected]\m, psEgQy swQ [email protected]\ m a#wQ vE g#tEm| vlQn\ el\.tW.tW.I. @y\ c`l\s\ a#n\wnW bLk`@y\ wYs\wv`qWn\t qr#NE h`nQ sQqE vW a#wQ bv q sn`} vE bv sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQyt aqhs\ q#k\ vE uss\ a`rk\;k nQl{`[email protected]\ pv` s[hn\ kr wQbQNQ.

em nQs`, el\.tW.tW.I. y @[email protected]~ wm pYblw m pYh`rk @s\n`Akyk\ @s\ s#lkO c`l\s\ a#n\wnW bLk`y sQwS wrm| s`r\}k @n`vWm nQs` el\.tW.tW.I. n`ykw\vy vQsQn\ em blk`@y\ pY{`nWn\t q#dQ @ls @q`\;`@r`\pNy @k`t a#wQ bv em a`rAcQ m`r\gy vQsQn\ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy @vw v`r\w` kr [email protected]\ y.

- sQAhly` pEvw\

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