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  • whr is my luv?whr is my hope?whr is my rsn 2 live?

qvsQn~ qvs vyst             [email protected]~
[email protected]~ @j`lW wv wv n`kQ        [email protected]~
bd iMOrO b|s~ns~ ek srO       [email protected]~
uBt sEx upn~ qQnyk~ pwnv  [email protected]~

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~~~~Meaning of some colours, Yellow for Special Friend,White for Peace,Orange for Luck,Black for Hate, Red for Love and Pink for Likeness,So i choose for u YELLOW Flower For Special FriendZzZ~~~~

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  • Mage sanda oba ...
Malliyaaa Happy Happy B'Day ...!!!!

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  • dhoom machale,,,,,booom
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  • be cool
 :Dtawath aurudu bara gaanak jeeewun athara___e kiyanne___apa athara___siteemata waaasanawa labewa :shock:_____subama suba upandinayak___darabara jolio :lol:
Longest love is mothers love_____shortest love is others love__________sweetest love is lovers love________but da strongest love is friends love