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hurt a lot,,,,,
« on: November 01, 2008, 12:16:52 PM »
aq @n`v#m|br\ 1 @vnQq`...

nQm|[email protected]~ mA k[ElE bQA[E nmQn~ [email protected]~m a#mQNEmk~ a`rm|x krl` aqt hrQytm vsrk~ @vnv`... eq` mA hQtpE w#nyQ aq mA in~n w#nyQ blq~qW hQwt q#@nn swOt vw~ vQ[ gn~n vQqQyk~ n$. hQwt q#@[email protected]~ qr` gn~n b#rQ [email protected] klkQrWmk~ pmNyQ. @m @q~ @[email protected] lQyn~n [email protected]~ e~kyQ... [email protected] n#wOv @vnw~ [email protected]@g~ @h`~ @vnw~ @vb| advQyk avX&w`vykt @n`@v|. @myt ksE kOsE c#t| 1 sm|bn~[ nQsyQ @my m` @mhQ pl [email protected]~.       

mWt @prw~ anvX& b#n v#qWm|, anvX& vQhQU ( byQt| kQrWm| ) hQw~ rQqvWm| @vl` wQbENw~ e~v` ewrm| gnn~ @n`[email protected]~ vQvQ{ m`nsQkw~vyn~ wQyn ay @m| [email protected]~ c#t| advQ vlt en nQs`.. nmEw~ [email protected] r`[email protected]~ mWt @pr kQsQ qQnk mA aw~ @n`vQ[Q @qyk~ sQq{ vEN`.  mt [email protected]~w~m aq`l @n`vn @c`qn`vk~ krmQn~ ls~sn vcnykOw~ smM b#n v#qWmk~,,, @myQn~ c#t| [email protected]`~1 ,,,, c#t| @m`[email protected]\tr\s~l` 3 @[email protected]~ iqQrQ pQt,,,, [email protected]~w~m mt aq`l @n`vn @c`~qn`vk~ krmQn~ sQq~q kl aph`s kQrWmk~

mt pmNk~m @[email protected] wvw~ kWp @[email protected]~tm aq`l pEq~gly` [email protected] b#n v#qWm| aph`s kQrWm| sQqE vEN`,,, nmEw~ mt kl @c`qn` pmNyQ [email protected];~p krn~n pEUvn~,,, @m`kq wmn~ g#n @h`[tm [email protected] wmn~ nQs`... aq`l pEq~gly` mt k}` kl ls~sn vcnyk~ wQbEN`... nmEw~ mm [email protected]~ n$ ey @mhQ s[hn~ kQrWm sEqEsEq kQyl`.. mt ohE el~l kl @c`qn`v @vnw~ c#t| 1k~ s[h` ksE kOsE 1n~ pQrQs~ rFs~ kQrWm.. mA [email protected]`~g krnv` pEUvn~ nm| s`k~;Q shQwv op~pE krn~n kQyl`,,, c#t| 1 wOl @h`~ @vnw~ a`k`rykQn~ ( @[email protected]~jr\ hrh` , @vnw~ [email protected]|qn a`k`rykt ) m` aq vn @wk~ k}` bh kl [email protected]@gn~ il~lWmk~ @ls @h`~ bl kQrWmk~ @ls evn~ @qyk~ sQqE kl bv...  h#kQ nm| op~pE kr @pn~vn~n.

av`sn`vkt [email protected]~ sQqE vE @q~ pQLQb[v c#t| @l`g~ 1 g#nWmt @n`h#kQ vEN`. mA an~wQmt c#t| 1n~ ivw~ @vl` p#y x`gykt pmN psEv @l`g~ @vl` blq~qW c#t| hQs~tQY 1 e~ kQsQvk~ s[hn~ @vl` wQb|@b n$,,, eyt sQqE vR @q~ [email protected]`~ qnQwQ. nmEw~ e~ avs~}`@v hQtpE sWem| l` 3 @qn`@gm q$s~ @h`[t vQv^wv [email protected]~n a#wQ kQyl` mA vQX~v`s krnv`. a#yQ [email protected] @vnsk~.... avm [email protected]~ @n`~tQs~ 1k~ ey nvw~vn~n kQyl`vw~.... avEr#qE 2k~ pmN sQt ksE kOsE 1 c#t| [email protected]~,,,, @mc|cr k`lyk~ apQ rF[W hQtQyt @m| @q~q an~wQmt apt l#@[email protected]~...?   

syQbr\ avk`[email protected]~ @vnw~ sQAhl @vb| advWn~ smM [email protected]`[email protected]~ ktyEwO kQrWm nm| mt kL @c`~qn`v , ey sQAhly` @vb| [email protected]~ nWwQ rWwQ vlt pth#nQ @qyk~ nm| mA vrqk~ kl` kQyl` mA pQLQgn~nv`. @m`kq mA q#nt wvw~ @vb| advQ 2k~ smM [email protected] [email protected]`[email protected]~ ktyEwO krn nQs`...   mt [email protected]~w~m aq`l n#wQ @c`q`n`vk~ krmQn~ mt ap`h`s vn ayErQn~ sQqE vR b#n v#qWmk~ nQsyQ m` @my @mhQ s[hn~ kQrWmt @[email protected]~...

a#w~wtm qEkyQ... mt swOtE @vn~n wQbE avs~}`vk~ @[email protected] [email protected]~ uqEr gw~wt... [email protected] @mc|cryQ... c#t| 1 kQsQm [email protected]`s~ yRsr\ @[email protected]~t n#vw @mvn~ @qyk~ @vn~n @qn~n ep`,,, @vns~km| krn~n ep`,,, evQtyQ s`m`jQkyn~ c#t| 1 h#r [email protected]~.... [email protected]~ syQbr\ [email protected]~ lbpE amQhQrQm aw~q#kWmk~ @my...

syQbr\ jQvQwy ptn~ [email protected]~ ksEkOsE c#t| 1n~,,, ewnQn~m h#m @q~m avsn~ krn~nt wrm| hQwONE hQw~ @v|qn`vk~ h` klkQrWmk~ pmNyQ an~wQmt iwOr# [email protected]~....

( @my @mhQ pl kQrWmt @mwrm| pYm`q [email protected]~ mt an~wr\j`ly h` sm|bnQ[ vWmt wQbR aphsEw`vyk~ nQs` bv sLkn~n )

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Re: hurt a lot,,,,,
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2008, 01:28:27 PM »
@h`[email protected]\,
is\@sl\lm @m| tQk kQyn\n o|n`, @mwn in\n @b`@h`myk\ q#v#n\w crQw, sQAhly` [email protected]\ in\n nQs`m , smhr pQrQs\ vl b#n v#qWm| vlt, @q`s\ kWm| vlt lk\ @vnv`.
obv qn\n,  [email protected]\ obt nQn\q` aph`s @h`\ @c`\qn` krn\@n\ n#wQ bv ob qn\nv` a#wQ,
kQsQm @[email protected]\t sQAhly` wOl pmNk\ [email protected][n\n kQyl` nWwQ @rgOl`sQ q`l` n$, anQk @mwnt yn en kQsQ @[email protected]\ blp$m| nQs` yn en ay @[email protected]
l`x [email protected]`\jn nQs` yn en ay @[email protected]
oy`t @m| kQyR pEq\gly`, sh e' aq`l vQs\wr @vb|m`s\tr\ @vw l#@bn\n sls\vn\n.
q#v#n\[email protected]\ @vn\n @vn\n wmyQ avtQn\ el\l vn b`qk gr\jn wr\jn v#dQ @vn\@n\.

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Re: hurt a lot,,,,,
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2008, 05:30:39 PM »
hQwvw~ sWgQrQ..,

ohE kvEr# vENw~ m`v @h`[t qn~n @[email protected]~ [email protected]~,,,, s`m`n&@yn~ ohE amwn ak`[email protected]~ mt k}` kL` ,,,, anQk s`m`[email protected]~ ohE @l`g~ @vn ayQ dW 1n~ @n`@vyQ [email protected] :P

ey klr\ ayQdW 1k~,,, ey uc|c`rny kQrWmtw~ aphsEyQ,,,  :?

ohEw~ [email protected]~ @[email protected] @m| sQAhly` @vb| [email protected]~m mA [email protected]~m h#b#yQ mtw~ psEv p#mQNQ s`m`[email protected]~,,,,

e \v` nm| mt v#dkOw~ n$,,,,  :D

mt wnQvm op~pE kL h#kQ s`k~;W kQsQvk~ n$... :!:

@m`kq ksEkOsE c#t| 1 [email protected] qQnyt aq`l c#t| hQs~tQY 1 n#wQ nQs`,,, eyt vEN @qyk~ qn~n kvEr# hrQ in~nv` nm| kr#N`krl` mt uqv| krn~n ey @h`y` gn~n,,, mA k#mwQyQ s`k~;Q shQwvm e \@q~vl~ op~pE krn~n... 8)

e \@[email protected]~ mA hQtQ m`nsQkw~vw~vyw~ ek~k mt mwk~ [email protected]~ n$ s~kWYn~ @;`t| kWpyk~ vw~ gn~n...   :(

e \@[email protected]~ c#t| 1,

7 ap~ , [email protected]`~q , swOt kQyn sWem|l` [email protected] hQtQy`,,,

It amwrv,,, gOr# jW , ayQrQ;~, kQdQ gr\l~, c`nk , kQn~kQNQ , @fr`rQ , 2p#k~ yn klr\ ayQ dW hQmQ yEsr\l` hQtQy`,,,, a#sQn~ qEtE s`k~;Q vQqQyt mt hrQytm @my`lv nm| krn~n pEUvn~,,,, e \w~ mA [email protected]~ n$ @my`l` @m`n` kQyyQq kQyl` ,,,, :lol:

kQv yEwOv wQbE h#m @q~m mA kQyEv`.... avX& [email protected]`w~ mA iqQrQytw~ @mhQ kr#NE qk~vn~nm| 8)
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Re: hurt a lot,,,,,
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2008, 07:36:13 PM »
c#t| hQs~tQY 1 @s`y` gwQmQ... e \s[h` shy vE [email protected]~ hQwvw`t s~wSwQyQ..... 

ey wQbQy yEwO w#n @p`d|dk~ eh`t @mh`t @vl` wWbQl`. e \w~ mt @h`y` gn~n b#rQ vEN`. sm`@vn~n e \g#n :?

s`k~;Q m` swOv a#w,,, avX& [email protected]`w~ @mhQ pl krn~nm|... :P

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Re: hurt a lot,,,,,
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2008, 09:21:55 PM »
Don't worry dear. It will not happen again. And your heart knows that you haven't done such a thing. So the things they do they will carry. You are an old user here. Kinda part of KK. So if anyone in this insults you it is not humane...And this is a cyber world these things are virtual. Those people who insults you wouldn't understand which, our hearts are not virtual And that we have to cooperate with others. When they get to know that it will be too late for them. So  don't you worry dear...Coz they don't know the value of a tear
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Re: hurt a lot,,,,,
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2008, 08:33:15 PM »
a`qrnWy nAgQy`,,,

sQqEvEn @q\ @m`kq\q kQyl` nm| mA qn\@n n$ nAgQy`,e'w\ oy` [email protected]\m anQw\ h#@m`\mw\..
oy [email protected]\ amQhQrQ aw\q#kWm| vlt mEhEN qWl` a#wQ..oy` hrQ nAgQy` wmn\ g#n @h`[tm qn\@n
wmn\myQ.wmn\ hrQ nm|,anQw\ [email protected] kw` nQs` hQwt qEkk\ a#wQ kr gn\n ep`.oy` apQw\ ek\k
h#mq`m rF[W in\n o|n.

"nAgQy` ,,,avt @l`'kyt ob wvw\ ek\ [email protected]\ vEvw\,wvw\ [email protected] ob @l`vk\ v#nQy.."
h#mq`m hQn`@vl` in\n @h`@[\..oy` @n`k#mwQ mQnQsEn\ g#n hQwl` oy`@g vtQn` k`ly [email protected]\
h#rgn\n ep` nAgQy`..

oyw\ ek\k h#mq`mw\ apQ in\nv`.qEk\ @vn\n ep`[email protected]\ in\n..

s[` ak\k`

"obt ymk\ kl h#kQy#yQ ob vQX\v`s krn\@n\q,obt ey kl h#kQy.."
[email protected]' ekm @qyyQ ls\sn ..e' bl`@p`@r`w\wSvk\ @[email protected]\ qEk\ vQ[Wm..