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An Experience to remember
« on: March 16, 2009, 11:56:50 PM »
Many of you would have known about the Trip KK members were making. I got to know about it only on the Friday the 13th, thru Jara Yaka, but decided to join. Let me first list the short comings, then go on though the pros of this trip and also tell you all that it was a great experience. Webby will post the photos later as he promissed.


1.   For writing the comments in English, Sorry forks Iím more comfortable this way. There is no proper place to write these comments. Maybe Webby will give us a separate place in future.
2.   Never started on time. Although we were to leave Fort Railway Station by 6:30 am we were still there by 7:30 am. My office policy if that we leave within 3 minutes of a declared time. Otherwise we pay compensation.
3.   No one knew where we are going including the chief organizer.
4.   Since no one knew the destination we never had an idea about when we should arrive. Hence lot of time wasted on the way.
5.   Spent almost an hour for the bath at Kithulgala where only 5 or 6 people bathed. Would have been good if most participated but too much wasted time for the benefit of few. (Me included).
6.   Should have used 2 vans to take us to the final destination instead of one. (both going in and coming out Ė Lost 3 hours for the operation. Donít blame Nimalee. She was as ignorant as we were).
7.   Bottles were lowfor the main event. (maybe bottles were never part of the equation but this information was never divulged. Donít blame as the crowd was quite young),
8.   The women took too much time in the boys toilet and the room. I had to spent almost an hour to change my T shirt which I could have spent boozing.
9.   Too long time periods in between bus stops for people to discharge their bladders.
10.   The main leader (chief organizer ie Nimalee was at the back of the busóNot leading from the front)
11.   Getting the 4 people from NE took too much time and crowded us for the return trip. (Donít know whether there was a monetary gain for the trip or a personal gain to Amila) Either way I will leave it for Amila to ponder.
12.   Weli smoked too many cigarettes and polluted the atmosphere. (I tried my best to avoid non smokers)

The Pros
1.   Great value for money trip..
2.   Good food. Thanks to Nimalee and Satuta for the menu. Enjoyed to the last hilt.
3.   Nice bacground atmosphere.  Thanks Nimalee and your Bro for the location.
4.   Webby did his rounds and made sure that everyone was a part of it. (Should have been done by Nimalee.  (Opps she was having the time of her life and not to be disturbed,)
5.   Nice get-together in the night. Everyone contributed to make it the Trip that it was.
6.   Siribora and his guitarist friend (forgot him name) kept the momentum long after the main show died down.
7.   Since we had no fixed plan we all had the freedom to highjack the trip. (few did it).
8.   Met Webby and Jara Yaka after almost two years. I always enjoy these little encounters.
9.   Meeting Seven Up (few encounter at KK) Irish, Nimalee and Satutaís friend (forgotten her name)  Satuta, Zoro & Guru G (known at KK but met for the first time), Real Leadr, Black Cat and all the other KK Bros was a great experience.
10.   Meeting all you young KK members brought back some of my own memories of yester years. I too grew up like most of you in the swinging Seventies. (Much better than the shrinking zeros)
11.   Those who missed the event missed something in life.
12.   Thank you Isis for hosting the dinner.
13.   (Thanks for keeping my B/day expenses low. Iíll catch up with every one of you within the month).

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Re: An Experience to remember
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2009, 10:29:58 AM »
Thanks Weli ayya for your valid comments and compliments... and we appreciate your participation for our trip.. Having a matured person like u with us was a great honor for us infact.. ur song at the het-together was

let me remind you that i wasn't the only person arranged the dinner table... it was you who helped me with suggestions ! so let me thank you for that.. :)

We had nice fun during each 'n every moment of the trip ? isn't it Weli ayya ? this was organized by the kk user base, not by the chat mgmt.  Chat mgmt was invited for the trip and we should value their participation. we should thank NIM7 for the idea and for making it a success.

All together the whole event was great as per my view.. the location, weather,music , jokes and the most important- the feeling of family kept us tied.  everybody blended wel even though some met each other for the first time :)
wait a minute ! how can we forget the KK version of "Sivamani Band " from Webby and Sahan Malli  :) :) :)
you both dd a great job i must say ... everybody stood still thru out !

There were pros 'n cons but as this is our first time hope everybody dd bare it. nxt time wud be much better than this for sure :)
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Re: An Experience to remember
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2009, 10:49:30 AM »
Dear WELIE AIYA thanks for the comment actually. I should be thankful you , because you joining with us with in a shortest time.
Thanks iris akkiyaaa for the comments

I must say this is my first challenge to organize a trip. Firstly I thought it was a easy work to collect all. But now I know this was the hardest work I ever face.
I was not sure the trip will be success until the last day come. And also some times I was discouraged by many things. Some times I feel that I didnít organize it well. I must pay my attention better than this.
Any way sorry for the inconvenience during the trip. Now I had a great experience. So the next KK trip will be better than this and hope all will join with us in next year.

Before I forget, I would spicily thank to these people

The recipe is not mine. Vote should go to BLACKCAT AIYA. He was the person behind me to do all well and courage me when I get failed. Made remainder in every time some times advice me thoroughly when I forger things to do. Thank you so much aiya for all the supports. My next thanks goes to you, MY MALLIYAA ASELA for finding an exhalant place to stay, and SIRIBORA MALLI for the great support. REAL LEADER thanks brother for introduce me in KK. If you didnít help me I will not be able to go so far in KK. SATHUTA AIYA this vote for you being my best friend and courage me in every time when I get failed. WEBBY AIYA if I didnít mention your name it is the big mistake done by me. You are my second teacher as always I say. You always show me the right way. Thanks for keep trust on me advice me. I couldnít manage it well some times. Please forgive me.


If I forget to thank or mention any one name please forgive me. Those who miss the event, donít get sad lest join with us in next year

HOPEDYOU ALL enjoyed well and had a great experience. I beggar your pardon if any mistake occurred.


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Re: An Experience to remember
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2009, 05:25:20 PM »
Seems like u all enjoyed alot .
Any happy photos ?  :D
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Re: An Experience to remember
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2009, 07:01:28 PM »
Await for the happy moments ..!!! i bet u will definitely feel jealous :)

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An Experience to remember
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2009, 10:34:56 AM »
i had a maxxa fun with u so my friend sahan.


       v had a lot of troubles in dis v solved al probs with our pissu guys. coz ,,,, vr brothers and sisters like our familiy.i had a lot of troubles in da  thing iz ,,our team spirit thank u nimali akki,also blacka:D
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