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Indian English
« on: October 10, 2005, 07:13:51 PM »
Sahodara Sahodariyani...Meka mata Lebuna Mail ekak...;)

An Italian, French and Indian went for a job interview

Before the interview, they were told that they must
compose a
sentence in English with three main words: green, pink
and yellow.

The Italian was first: "I wake up in the morning. I
see the
yellow sun. see the green grass and I think to myself,
I hope it will
a pink day."

The French was next: " I wake up in the morning, I eat
a yellow
banana, a green pepper and in the evening I watch the
panther on TV.

Last was the Indian: "I wake up in the morning, I hear
the phone
"green green", I "pink" up the phone and I say "Yellow"
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Re: Indian English
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