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She's gone
« on: June 06, 2008, 09:09:25 PM »
SHE lived on your love,
SHE had nothing but YOU
People hated YOU because you were such a beautiful COUPLE.
But SHE didn’t care what those people said,
SHE loved YOU as much as she could.
Even though her parents disliked YOU,
SHE always wanted  YOU
But YOU didn’t care
Now it’s too late…

Isn’t it hard to see HER with another guy?
It must be killing YOU…
Broken heart is what’s left over

Do YOU actually care that she’s gone, out of your life?
Doesn’t it hurt YOU… when you think about the fact;
that SHE kissed HIM with HER lips!
Those lips which was meant for YOU?!
SHE never kissed a guy before,
and the promise YOU made her long time ago…
… that her first kiss will be given by YOU…
it never came true,
YOU broke that promise!

Did YOU really love HER?
No?? ; we can see that?!!!
Is it yes; then why the heck didn’t YOU fight for HER?
Why did YOU let her go that easily?
Was it too much for YOU?

YOU told her a long time ago…
That you would never ever leave her..
No matter what.. you would always love her..
... you would never let her go..
But you lied!

You didn’t even try to get HER back,
Never tried to show your true love to her
You’re a big failure in love!

I’m so sorry for YOU!
You’re a loser,
But she... she is having her best time in her life.
She is so happy with the guy she didn’t love at all.
The guy she didn’t love in the beginning,
because she loved a guy who didn’t have guts to love her to the maximum.

But now she knows what real love is.
The love… she got – she gets – and she will get forever –
The love, which makes her proud, that SHE is HIS girlfriend.
That love that makes her life complete!
Now SHE’s gone and YOUR all alone…………..
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~OHH GOD !!!!!~
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~~~~~~love hurts and bring tears to my eyes~~~~~~            ~AKASH~

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Re: She's gone
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2009, 03:42:58 PM »

 Love is always end with Pain
 thats the truth all of us hide
 if not today tomorrow will be ur turn'
 be ready to accept it.