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The Final Match Today
« on: April 28, 2007, 07:34:37 PM »
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Re: The Final Match Today
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Here is the official ICC CWC Song


Chorus (at the start)

Play, in this beautiful game
Where the rules and aim
Remain the same
It's the game of love unity

Sending out invitations
All over the world
Every race, every class,
Every man, every girl
Whether near, whether far
Come and join in the fun
(Oh na na na)

This is it, one big game that you cannot miss
No matter who you are - everyone’s on the list
This is the game of life and we all are one
(So come along)

Chorus (repeated twice)

Dancehall breakaway (repeated twice)

We run the place
We set the pace
We lead the chase
Everybody participate and…

No time to waste
Lift up the pace and celebrate
It’s our obligation

We fascinate, we captivate
Your mind, your heart, soul and
Rhythm of the nation

We play, we play
We feel the game
Come on, come on
Let me see you gyrate

Verse 2

Bring along all your friends
And tell them join in
Cause this game never ends
Once it begins
We will spread peace and love
For eternity

All your worries and stress
Let them all go
We won't settle for less
Cause we're all MELLO
Bring your heart and your soul and set your mind free

Chorus (repeated twice)


We will rejoice
And sound our voice
Cause we are one together
L.O.V.E. and unity,

Chorus (repeated to the end)

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