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Music therapy
« on: April 23, 2010, 03:45:27 PM »
Psychology & Music Therapy

Among various subject areas Psychology stands as an immensely popular subject. Main reason for its popularity is the Human factor.  Similarly its Therapeutic nature also could be considered as an important aspect.  Therapeutic section of Psychology is Mental Therapy.  Among the subject areas where Mental Therapy is included Psychological Counseling (services related to Mental Health) plays a major role. (Psychiatrist Medical Service is mainly connected to Medicine.  On a large scale it has a Biological background.  Psychological Counseling mainly has a Psychological background)

When Music is used with a Therapeutic face Music Therapy has a Psychological background and become a Mental Therapy done under Psychological Counseling. Basically Psychological Counseling is a large subject area with numerous definitions.  It is in a very developed state.  Like many other areas it is getting developed more and more. Psychological Counseling is also a subject linked to Humanity.  Primarily it deals with minds and individuals.  It works with mental factors that could be classified as feelings, attitudes, emotions, beliefs, commitments and personal values etc.

According to the views expressed by many it is evident that “Psychological Counseling has been identified as a system of Therapy for Mental diseases.  It must be emphasized that it is not a Technique used only for mental diseases.  Therapy is only one part of it. Under this subject area there are other sections providing services to mankind. Psychological counseling being presently used as a tool could be continued to be used to keep away from Sicknesses and abnormalities, avoid such occurrences and also to preserve existing health conditions. Under this subject area Therapeutic Techniques are being successfully used to get rid of some mental diseases (while continuing prescribed drugs) minor mental disorders and abnormalities except for acute Mental Diseases. Except for some special occasions it is a special feature to conduct exercises to restraint individual mind and control it during psychological counseling.  This will have a direct impact in getting relieved from most adverse mental conditions and also on conflict resolution.  Restrained mind will enhance the quality of mental therapy and bring positive results. For a restraint mind in an individual several exercises are used in Psychological Counseling.  These exercises are termed as Simple Restraint Exercises.  Depending on the condition of the person receiving such counseling certain changes will have to be made to develop skills strengths and positive attitudes hidden in such persons during these exercises.

Among the Therapeutic methods adopted in Psychological counseling for above mentioned requirements usage of Music as a Therapeutic Media is gradually developing. In Western countries Therapeutic Technicians carrying out Music Therapy are functioning and specialized Institutions for Training such technicians have also been established. It is evident that the attention of the learned people of our country will have to be focused on this valuable subject area. By now arrangements have been made to have music therapy as a subject at University level.  It is a commendable thing which fulfills a need of the Era. We should correctly realize the Medicinal value of Music too.  We should provide the appropriate Music Piece and the Dose suitable for particular mental condition.  Positive and early results could obtain by using a suitable sound of music simultaneously with the Restraint Exercises. Music could be used successfully as Mental Therapy, Restraint Exercises, Drama Therapy, Dancing Therapy, and Art Therapy as an Energizer and also as a Solitary Therapeutic system. When attending to Mental Therapy mental condition of the concerned person should be considered.  His / Her attitudes and values, needs special consideration.

When carrying out some types of Mental Therapy, Cultural background, religion, beliefs and other personality features of the concerned individual should be carefully considered.  When using music Therapy it is absolutely necessary to look in to these areas. When carrying out Music Therapy the concerned Therapist should do it under the supervision and guidance of a qualified Psychological Counselor in order to minimize unnecessary problems, ensure success and to safeguard vocational ethics. Music itself is a subject which has undergone modernization and developed in numerous ways and angles.  Music Therapy has also been subjected to such changes. When dealing with this subject we should be extremely careful as it is a subject directly linked to lives of individuals.  It has a medicinal value too.

When Music is used as a Therapy singing of songs not required at all times.  Solo or Group singing with the participation of concerned individual can be arranged playing some kind of Instrument for audition of concerned persons is also a successful Therapeutic Technique. When considering disease conditions of individuals there are two main groups Namely-Physical Diseases and Mental Diseases.  Physical Diseases also affects the Mind.  Like wise Mental Diseases affects the Body.  Through Research it has been proved that mental conditions to a large extent are responsible for Physical Diseases too. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Skin Diseases, Gastritis, Asthma and Addiction to Drugs / Alcohol etc are such diseases with a mental base.  This shows that mental conditions can directly or indirectly have an affect on physical conditions.  Although used as a Mental Therapy Music is a strong Therapy which can have an affect on physical conditions too. Through Medicine / Chemicals administered for acute Mental Diseases a clear impact could be made on various mental conditions such as emotions, thoughts and impulses.

Similarly through Music Therapy / Therapeutic Music an impact could also be made in respect of body chemicals of an individual and functioning of the Human Organs as well. As Therapeutic Music we refer to usage of Music with the noble intention of bringing relief to a sick person positively.  Accordingly it shows that Music-Singing of Songs, Playing of certain Musical Instruments could make a change in functioning of body chemicals and Organs of an individual (in plants too). Music Pieces designed by concerned experts as a Therapy will definitely bring relief to people. It should be very clear to you all that poor quality songs, and other creations etc.  Composed, designed, made haphazardly (even by experts, specialists) will have a negative unhealthy effect on Society.  Accordingly any learned person is aware of the extent of social harm done on account of negative music relayed and forced to be heard through various radio stations, in buses, hotels, shops and houses etc. It is also clear that for the break down of social and cultural values, provocative behaviors, among individuals, spread of violence, addiction to drugs, personality breakdowns, mental disorders, fall of decency levels etc these unwarranted music pieces are largely responsible. This situation should focus the attention of the learned people in this field. If you are a person attached to this field you should decide on your role in this situation in the name of Mankind. For a person linked to music therapy there is a long way to go in this chosen specialized field for the well being of mankind.

This field is gradually getting developed. As a specialist in this field you will have before you more employment opportunities coming up through out the World. Apart from that you can become a Specialist in Therapeutic Music Designing which is a need of the Era. We must realize that although there are various music creations / pieces to keep an individual calm and feel easy the need for specialized Therapeutic Music for extraordinary conditions of diseases will increase in future. For example today we have specially made Therapeutic Music for relief from High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Violence Loneliness Cancers, and Aids and also to make Child Birth easy, get relief from pain, to have a sound sleep and also to improve creativity in individuals. But almost all such are of foreign origin invariably made in foreign countries. However positive results have been obtained by using those.

Anyhow we believe that much better results could be obtained through locally based new creations of our own.  You have an opportunity before you to design such creations / work. With further studies in Therapeutic Music you can serve as a Therapeutic Music Technician.  By developing your knowledge in the Psychological Field you can definitely become a better Music Therapist and also a Designer / Composer.  In almost all religions, some form of music Therapy up to a certain level is found.  This could be clearly seen in chanting of Pirith Bajan, Hindu Offerings, OM Recitals, Daily Muslim Prayers, Singings at Christian Services and other observance related to Mahayana and Jaina and Observances of other Religious Groups related Buddhist as well as Biblical backgrounds. I here we can understand there is comprehensive history in this subject that is not only in west but also in eastern countries too.

When considering further you will realize that a Therapeutic Music with singing and playing of instruments has been used to a great extent in offerings to God and also in activities connected to various acts of exotics.  You can realize the values connected to those practices. In all such recitals a common factor can be seen. There is a strong National need for an individually targeted Therapeutic Music designed for each ailment.  Responsibility of fulfilling that need is your task. Not only that we have in us a Music Rhythm.  Our Heart beats to a Rhythm, Breathing Body movements, Digestive system, Nervous impulses also goes according to an orderly Pattern, Rhythm and identical in each of us. The learned that identifies it will get an opportunity to design a suitable therapy.

Every Therapist should attend to treat patients/clients in consultation with a Psychological Counselor under his/her guidance.  If the concerned person shows any signs of an acute mental condition all Psychological Counselors should immediately proceed to refer the said person to a qualified Psychiatrist.