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A “Fake Mass Suicide” - 3rd FLOOR - 18 FEB 2009 Edition
« on: February 19, 2009, 06:22:38 PM »
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- sQAhly` pEvw\

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ENGLISH Version >> A “Fake Mass Suicide” - 3rd FLOOR - 18 FEB 2009 Edition
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2009, 06:25:06 PM »
A “Fake Mass Suicide” – LTTE’s another psychological operation to mislead International Community
- Yet another false attempt to draw World’s Attention and Sympathy

C.E. Katuwawalage, Asha Nanayakkara, SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka : As per an exclusive Tamil news source, Sinhalaya News Agency learnt that the International Tamil Diaspora is carrying out propaganda to draw the sympathy of international community towards LTTE terrorists.

The latest is false news about a mass suicide planned by LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran involving himself and hundreds of hardcore cadres on the beaches of Mullaittivu as the security forces advance from several directions.

It has been publicized that the mass suicide will be a public show where the event would be videoed and distributed worldwide. It also claims that the LTTE terror chief Prabharan is due to deliver a speech at the event to express his distress because of been isolated by the International Tamil Diaspora amidst the defeat.

As the true self of Prabhakaran and his fellow LTTE terrorists’ been revealed to the world, the Norway – once a great supporter of LTTE terrorist group have now not appear to be in the scene. But it’s not because they condemn terrorism but only to save their head. It’s well known fact that the Norway is credited with a gray image as long as the so called “Peace Processes” are concerned.

The international support for LTTE terrorists were gradually decreasing and now nearing to zero. But still there are some International bodies such as Britain speak in support of LTTE terrorist group proposing for ceasefire.

Being miserable with the multi-frontal counter terrorist attacks from SL security forces, LTTE chief Prabhakaran is now trying to get the world’s attention using these types of misleading information.

“Prabhakaran wants the Tamil people living abroad to believe these false news and protest in front of Sri Lankan High Commissions and other Government offices, so that the world leaders will force the Government of Sri Lanka to go either for a ceasefire or to stop the war. It’s a dream of him and will remain so. ”, an anti-terrorist Tamil party member residing in London told exclusively to Sinhalaya News Agency.

“If there are massive crowd to die for Prabhakaran, then he should definitely have used them as suicide bombers to kill troops at the battle front not just die alone on the beaches of Mullaittivu like cowards”, said a news source from Wanni battlefront as the Sinhalaya News Agency inqured about the so called “mass suicides in public”.

Furthermore, those innocent civilians are not gone foolish to die for a terror leader. If so they will not escape from the LTTE-dominated areas and seek protection from SL Army. The 35,000 people who have reached liberated areas since January 2009 give enough evidence. May be the LTTE cadres who are with the LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran might volunteer to sacrifice their lives for their “ultimate hero”, but definitely not the innocent civilians. So if the civilians are getting killed it’s solely because the LTTE cadres gunning them down, not to be mistaken as a “mass suicide”.

As per another anti-terrorist Tamil news source from Vienna, Austria, Sinhalaya News Agency learnt that numerous campaigns are been carried out aiming to salvage LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran by an international intermediary. Among those campaigns there are
- Pro-LTTE web sites reporting misleading information
- Email campaigns
- protests organized in various countries
- distribution of handouts
- fake SMS messages spreading wrong information on terror attacks (to panic general public and deviate their mindset)
- rumors.

It’s sad to say that a local web site have given ample publicity to this fake report of mass suicide and also a senior government officer have expressed his views on it to media.

Last but no the least, it is essential to mention that the international singing star MIA is also among the organized campaign to support LTTE terrorists.

(An Adoption of the Sinhalese Article done by C.E. Katuwawalage, SINHALAYA News Agency – 18.02.2009)

- Sinhalaya News

The Official News Source:

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