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Re: :::::::::::::::Nw lt::::::::::::::: (KP's local agent arrested)
« Reply #120 on: May 29, 2009, 10:10:28 AM »
nmQn\ ur#m`rn\ nm| @m`hE @k\.pW @hvw\ kOm`rn\ pw\mn`qn\ smg ek\v nWwQ [email protected]`\{W j`w&n\wr avQ j`v`rm| vl nQrw vW a#wQ awr @k\.pW @g\ @q\XWy [email protected]`\jQwy` @ls ktyEwO kr a#w#yQ v`r\}` @v|..

yE{ hmEq` @vb| advQy s[hn\ krn an\qmt s`m`n& v#sQyn\t mEv`vW [email protected]\ p`ln [email protected]\X @vw @m`hE p#mQN sQtQn bv mQhE @h`[Qn\ h[Enn pEq\[email protected] hmEq` bEq\{Q aAX @vw pvs` a#wQ awr in\ psE kQYy`w\mk vR yE{ hmEq`v @m`hE aw\wdAgOvt g#nWmt smw\ vW a#w.. mRlQk pYX\n vlqW @hlQ vW a#w\@w\ iAgWYsQ x`X`v a#wOlEv wvw\ [email protected]`\pWy x`X`vn\ kQhQpyk\ @h`[Qn\ h#sQrvWmt h#kQ bvw\ q#nt @m`hE [email protected]\X sAc`r 19 pmN nQrw vW a#wQ bvw\y..

yE{ hmEq` @vb| advQy v#dQqErtw\ pvsn an\qmt ohE @mrt wOlt n#vE mgQn\ @[email protected] a`yE{ h` [email protected]`rm| sm|bn\{@yn\ x`rv ktyEwO kr a#wQ awr @mm n#vE XWY lAk` mEhEqE wWryt lA vR vQt e'v` @g`db`n s\}`ny, qQny sh @v|l`vq qn\v` sQtQnE lbn bvyQ..

sEbs`qk gm|m`[email protected]\ s#Mv sQtQyqWq @m`hE pw\mn`qn\ smg sm|xn\qw` pvw\v` a#wQ awr @m| hrh` pw\mn`qn\ q aw\wdAgOvt g#nWmt h#[email protected]| y#yQ a`rk\;k aAX vQX\v`Xy pl kryQ..

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mvEbQm @p`b kl [email protected]`\{`r rNvQr#vn\t pQqE j`[email protected]\ uw\wm`c`ry g`U [email protected]`r qW axQm`nvw\ @v|..

sW.I. ktEv`[email protected]\ sh a`X` n`n`yk\k`r,
sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy.
qXk 3k\ pEr` mEU XWY lAk`vm @vl`@gn wQbR m|@l\c|C wYs\wv`[email protected]\ rt mEqv` g#nWmt qQvQ [email protected]\ k#pvR rNvQr#vn\t uw\wm`c`r pQrQn#[email protected]| j`wQk uw\svy aq @k`lB g`U [email protected]`r [email protected]\qW mWt sEU @m`@h`wkt @pr iw` axQm`nvw\ @ls avsn\ vE bv sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy @[email protected]\ ehQ @g`s\ sQtQn ap m`{&@v|qW in\qQk [email protected]\sRrQy v`r\w` kryQ.

@s\n`{Qn`yk jn`{QpwQ gr# mhQn\q r`jpk\; mhw` pY{`n a`r`{Qwy` @ls sh wQYvQ{ hmEq`, m#wQ a#mwQvr# pYmEK sm|x`vnWy amEw\wn\ [email protected]\ shx`[email protected]~ avsn\ vE @mm uw\svy vQvQ{ sAs\k^wQk aAg h` yEq, gOvn\, n`vQk wQYvQ{ hmEq`@v| sh @p`[email protected]\ a`c`r @pLp`lQ h` sAqr\Xn vlQn\ vr\Nvw\ vE bvyQ v`r\w` vn\@n\.

@myt @pr avs\}`vn\ vlqW @mn\m @mm uw\[email protected]\ pY{`n avs\}`vn\ nQr$pNy vn svQs\wr`w\mk C`y`r#p q#k\mk\ q sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy wOlQn\ q#k bl` g#nWmt obt h#kQvn awr @vb| advQykQn\ ob qkQn iw`mw\ svQs\wr`w\mk C`y`r#p q#k\mk\ q vnE @n` anEm`n y.

aq`l uw\[email protected]\ [email protected]\; avs\}`vn\ a#[email protected]\ sQAhly` m`{&@v|qWn\ lb` gw\ C`y`r#p sQy gNnk\ awOrQn\ @w`\r` gw\ e'v` @[email protected]\ ob [email protected]| wbmE.

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Re: ::::::::::::::::::::::::Nëw§ Älë®t:::::::::::::::::::::
« Reply #122 on: June 04, 2009, 06:39:39 PM »
XWY lAk` mEhEqE wWryt h[En` @n`gw\ @n_k`vk\ a#wOlE vW a#wQ awr XWY lAk` n`vEk hmEq`v vQsQn\ em n#v aw\wdAgOvt @gn @g`dbQm @qst [email protected] e'mt ktyEwO @y`qmQn\ sQtQn bvt n`vQk hmEq` a`rn\cQm`r\g pvsyQ..

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Re: ::::::::::::::::::::::::Nw lt:::::::::::::::::::::
« Reply #123 on: June 05, 2009, 10:55:04 AM »
bQYw`n&@y\ sQt @k`tQn\ @b|r` g#nWmt a` n#v @t`n\ 884k\ smg n`vQk hmEq` x`ryt..

sW I ktEv`[email protected]\,
sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy,

el\.tW.tW.I. n`yky` a#wOU @k`tQ wYs\wv`qWn\ mElwQv| pEqEm`wln\ yEqmEk\w kl`[email protected]\ sQr v sQtQyqW, [email protected]\ jnw`v lk\; gNnQn\ h`[email protected]\ a#w#yQ kQymQn\ bQYw`n&@y\ el\.tW.tW.I. kQYy`k`rWn\@g\ "m`nE;Wy a`{`r" [email protected] bQYw`n&@yn\ pQtw\ vE @n_k`v aw\ adAgOvt g#nWmt n`vQk hmEq`v smw\ vE bv n`vQk hmEq` a`rAcQ m`r\g vQsQn\ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy @vw [email protected]\ pvs` [email protected]\ y.

"k#p\tn\ alQ" n#mwQ @mm sQrQyn\ @n_k`v bQYw`n&@y\ Il`m|v`qWn\ vQsQn\ ptvnE l#bE qYv& @t`n\ 884k\ q ptv`@gn bQYw`n&@yn\ pQtw\ vW a#w\@w\, psEgQy [email protected]\Yl\ 20 vn qQn vn awr el\.tW.tW.I. yt avX& "@b`@h`\ @q\" @mhQ a#w#yQ q n`vQk hmEq`v s#k phl kryQ.

@k`LB mEhEqE kl`[email protected]\ sQt mEhEqE s#wpEm| 160k pmN g#BEr# [email protected]\ qW n`vQk hmEq` aw\ adAgOvt pw\ v a#wQ @mm @n_k`@v| k`r\y mN\dly 15 @[email protected]@gn\ smn\vQw vn awr kQYs\tQy` @g`\@ms\t` n#mwQ ayQs\ln\w j`[email protected]\ @mhQ pY{`n kpQw`n\ @ls ktyEwO kr [email protected]|. [email protected]\m @m| w#w#w\w` hQtpE stn\ vQr`m nQrWk\;N kmQtE s`m`[email protected]\ @ls q @m| vnvQt h[En`@gn a#w#yQ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQy kl vQmsWmk qW n`vQk hmEq` m`{& e'kky vQsQn\ wvqErtw\ whvEr# kr [email protected]\ y.

[email protected]\ uq$sn k`[email protected]\ aw\ adAgOvt pw\ v a#wQ @mm "@k`tQ @n_k`v" eqQn m qhvl\ k`[email protected]\ qW @k`LB vr`yt a#[email protected] e'mt ktyEwO kl n`vQk hmEq`v vQsQn\ em @n_k`v sh ehQ a#wQ q$ prWk\;` [email protected]| ktyEwO vl [email protected]\ r`wQYy pEr` nQrwv sQtQ bv q n`vQk hmEq`@v| @j&;\T pYk`[email protected]\ sQAhly` pEvw\ e'jn\sQyt pvs` [email protected]\y.

- sQAhly` pEvw\

The Original News Source:

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Re: ::::::::::::::::::::::::Nw lt:::::::::::::::::::::
« Reply #124 on: June 08, 2009, 10:11:00 AM »
hQtpE agY vQn\s\cyk`r srw\ nn\q sQl\v` wOm`@g\ vQXY`m y`mw\ smg pErp\p`dE vR ag vQnQsEr# wnwOrt pYvWn vQnQsEr#[email protected] vn [email protected]`\k q sQl\v` mhw`, jn`{QpwQ vry` vQsQn\ pw\kr a#w#yQ  a`rn\cQ m`r\g psyQ..


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Re: ::::::::::::Nw lt:::::::::::( Taken Out Another Submarine)
« Reply #125 on: June 15, 2009, 09:04:07 AM »

@vl\lmEl\lQvyQk\k`l\ [email protected]\ wQbW @k`tQ wYs\wv`qWn\t ayw\ sb|m#rWnyk\ @s`y`g#nQmt k`r\y s`qk blk` 08 vQsQn\ [email protected]\ (jEnQ-14) svs smw\ vW a#w..

qQgQn\ adQ 24 h` pLl adQ 04 wrm| vQX`l pYm`[email protected]\ @mm sb|m#rWny a#wOlw asnyk\q wQbEn bvt yE{ hmEq` @vb| advQy s[hn\ kryQ..

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::::::::::::: Nw lt ::::::::::(Maheepala Hearth is in a critical condition)
« Reply #126 on: July 07, 2009, 11:38:15 AM »
Maheepala Hearth is in a critical condition

sbrgmE pL`w\ pY{`n am`w& mhWp`l @h\rw\ mhw` sh [email protected]\ bQrQ[ kOr#N$glqW sQqEvR rQy anwOrkQn\ wOv`l lb` a#wQ awr ovEn\ iw` as`{& ww\[email protected]\ psEvn bv q#nt l#@bn a`rAcQ m`r\g os\@s\ v`r\w`@v|.

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::::::::::::::Nw lt:::::::::: (HOT ONE)
« Reply #127 on: July 12, 2009, 01:58:27 PM »
@mn\n alEw\m nQvEs\ ekk\.............

@p`p\ rjE "myQkl\ j#k\sn\" @g\ mrNy pQlQb[ qQgQn\ qQgtm s#k phl kl [email protected]\ [email protected]\ s`m`jQkyn\t h` @l`ky pEr` vQsQrW sQtQn [email protected]\ rsQk rsQk`vQyn\t swOtEq`yk pEvwk\ @m| vn vQt v`r\}` @v|..

enm| [email protected]\ mrNy pQlQb[ s#ky [email protected]\ @@vq&vry` @vw el\l vWmyQ.. @m| pQlQbq wvdErtw\ prWk\;N sQqEkrn bvt [email protected]\ m`{& pYk`X kryQ..

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Re: ::::::::::::::::::::::::Nw lt:::::::::::::::::::::
« Reply #128 on: July 14, 2009, 08:54:19 AM »
Major General JAGATH DIAS was Injured

Top Army Official, Major General JAGATH DIAS, Suffering leg injuries following an accident in Colombo last night and was admitted to hospital.  
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