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« on: June 15, 2011, 03:45:09 AM »
Sometimes when things are tough we wish we could just stay in bed.So we all neeed to constantly remind ourselves why we get out of bed every day.

This article is written for you to read not only when things arent going as planned ,but also when evrything is working just perfectly.

There is no finish line in life.Just because you achieve "success" before others around you does not mean that you have reached a level of importance above everyone else.

We are all placed in this planet to excel. IN THE END ITS ALL MATTER OF ATTITUDE.
No matter What comes your way your attitude will be the key to handle everything.Never underestimate the power of your attitude .How you handle difficult situations will be a direct result of how you view things.
After all your expertise your huffing and puffing,your successes and your failures,all you have left is your attitude towards how you handle the nextday or the next crises.

This being the case ,you  need to make sure you are constantly checking your attitude to ensure its on track.

REMEMBER: if you are just going through life waiting to see what it will bring you ,then you just have to accept whatever comes your way.Good or Bad. or you can make your life head the way you want it to go.

Challange your self every morning when you wake up.Try to better the outcomes you got the previous day.Not in a striving and painful way,but more in a way that keeps you fired up and motivated.
"If you aim at nothing you will hit every time."

Constantly remind yourself that you r better than the outcomesthat you experience. This dosent mean you are better than every one else,it just means you are constantly bettering yourself.

I DONT CARE HOW GOOD YOU ARE............. I AM BETTER!!!!!!!!!to be continued...............

First thank you so much for reading this article.

second i urge you to live life well.

I wish you all the best with all that you do I pray that you experience success in every area of you life.