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Its all matter of ATTITUDE
« on: June 23, 2011, 09:15:40 AM »
Hi ,
Are you aiming to win?By this i mean , do you want to complete everything you do with sense of total satisfaction because you know that you have put in100%?

Never settle for second best.never start something if you know that you wont be bothered if you never finish it.

Excellence is a better learnt skill.Once you learn &apply it you will find hard to go back to being medicore.imagine the feeling you get when you win something- weather it was a race when you were at school, competition or even a business award - is so worth the extra effort that is needed to win.

Believing that you are a winner is a great attitude to have when things dont work out the way you have planned, they wont really slow you down because you will just bounce back and start all over again.

I AM IN THE BUSINESS OF WINNING AND BUSINESS IS GOOD.remember though,even if somethings dont work out as planned you can still get back on track.It all comes down to the way that you  PERCEIVE a set back.ITS ALL ABOUT YOUR MINDSET.

I have met many pepole over the years who have no ambition to succeed.They dont care if they fail. infact it seems as though they are actually planning for faliure.

Loosing should never enter your thoughts.The minute it does it sows an area of doubt that if not addresses, can grow and bring undone the biggest of dreams and all of the potential in the world.

DOnt plan for failure,plan for the great things that will happen due to your focus.Sure there will be tough times,but never see yourself losing your grip on you future.

If you remove the thought of losing from your head then no matter how many times you hit a hurdle along your journey you will still get back on track.

just becoz something dosent work out for you never think that you are a loser.All it means is that it is going to take you a little bit longer to achieve your goals.
you see,Its all about how you view it really.


Thanks for reading keep your focus on where you want to go ,but never lose sight of what is great around you right now. 

I pray for your success every day.