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Title: It's iTunes, again Ver. 6
Post by: Sachitha on November 04, 2005, 02:20:57 PM
Take It All In

Importing your existing music is merely a matter of inserting a CD, while the iTunes Music Store offers something for everyone. Take the Complete Stevie Wonder, for example. The iTunes Music Store features a new digital box set. Get more than 500 songs, exclusive bonus videos and a full-color digital booklet with one click. Or jumpstart your digital music collection with iTunes Essentials organized by mood, artist or theme. Discover songs culled from the Best of Bob Marley, Workout Essentials, Latin Jazz and more.

iTunes 6 Mac + PC

iTunes is the easiest way to organize, share and listen to music on your computer. Find new favorites. Manage your growing library. Enjoy the best friend an iPod ever had. Download iTunes 6 free for Mac or Windows.
Music Videos

The virtual shelves of the iTunes Music Store now feature music videos. Preview, browse and buy classics, new releases and iTunes exclusives for just $1.99.
TV Shows

You watch them at home. Now download them and take them on the road with the new iPod. Shop for your favorite ABC and Disney TV shows, only on iTunes.
Give Music

Send songs, albums, playlists, even music videos and TV episodes to anyone with an email address. Or give iTunes Music Cards and gift certificates.
Just For You

Get personalized recommendations, courtesy of the iTunes user community and a host of in-house music experts. Hear what's in store for you.
Customer Reviews

Post your own customer reviews and ratings, and read what over 10 million iTunes users worldwide have to say about what's playing on iTunes


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Title: Re: It's iTunes, again Ver. 6
Post by: Minni on November 27, 2005, 08:31:12 AM
It is realy very convenient!  Program is included when one buys an iPod!

Title: Re: It's iTunes, again Ver. 6
Post by: Sachitha on November 27, 2005, 09:45:28 AM
Thx For Reply Minni