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Title: Acrobat makes 3D leap
Post by: Sachitha on January 27, 2006, 05:24:52 PM
Adobe has introduced new tools for embedding 3D images into PDF files, but not if you are a Mac users.
Acrobat 3D is designed to make it easy for people who work with 3D models to convert them from the major CAD formats into PDFs.

The software includes tools for editing lighting, adding textures and materials and creating animations such as assembly and disassembly instructions within the PDF file. It also extends Adobe Reader capabilities so that users can view product structure and employ commenting, measurement and cross-section tools directly on 3D objects.

Adobe explained that the decision to provide Windows and non-OS X Unix versions was made because it is focussing on the manufacturing sector, where Macs are a rare breed, not the AEC [architecture, engineering and construction] market where they are more prevalent.

'AEC is an important market to Adobe,' Patrick Aragon, Adobe Acrobat product manager told Architosh, 'but Acrobat 3D is initially targeted at the manufacturing industry and that is reflected in our partners and that is partly driving platform support.'

Aragon added that if there is sufficient demand from Mac users then there is nothing to stop Adobe developing an OS X version, not least because the software employs the OpenGL rendering technology, a core component of the Mac OS.
Title: Re: Acrobat makes 3D leap
Post by: Sachitha on January 28, 2006, 11:07:25 AM
Me ka nama mata meloo deyak terenne naha

ai English tahriyamda?