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Title: Yahoo Messenger Secret Smilies
Post by: Sachitha on August 21, 2005, 01:41:43 PM

there are some smiley's not listed under the smiley button that you can get however by typing the following text :
>:) gives a devils head
:)) gives a huge smile
:(( give a crying smile
Maybe there are other ones!


All the following new "hidden" smilies have been added to the 953 build:
Green Martian:
Yahoo Messenger - Yahoo Yodel
1. Start Messenger
2. You must have a messenger window open and be talking to someone.
3. Type the following code into your window brackets and all <snd=yahoo>
4. Send it to the person you are talking to.
5. You should hear the Yahoo yodel that is famous to the commercials.
Note: the person you send this to should be able to hear it, but only if their window in maximized. If it is minimized they will only hear a chime.
I did not find this someone sent it to me. ^_^ so don't credit me with it!
Here are some more cool smilies that are not listed in the smiley icon on Yahoo Messenger.
Pumpkin (~~)
American Flag **==
Light Bulb *-:)
Monkey :(|)
Pig :@)
Skull 8-X
Alien =:) =:-)
Rose @};-
Cow 3:-0 3:-o 3:-O 3:O
Clown :o) :0) :O) <@:)
King <):)
I'm not going to bother telling the 'old' hidden smilies, which are still present in this version. I am also not going to bother with the ones in the menu. The NEW, HIDDEN faces are:
Animated faces:
Winking face being punched: b-(
Coffee cup: ~o)
Alien coming out of scared face: >-)
Praying: [-o<
Dazed eyes: @-)
Money eyes: $-)
Whistling: :-"
Piniochio-nose growing: :^o
Shaking finger no-no style: [-x
Disco: \:D/
Wants a hug: >:D<
Static faces:
Chicken: ~:>
Clover: %%-
Staredown/evil eye: :-L
And some from the Yahoo Fighter IMViromnent:
Black hair: o->
Blonde: 0=>
Brunette: 0-+
Yin-Yang: (%)
The skull, an old hidden smiley, has been redone with animation, along with some others in the menu.
In the IM window type these hidden smilies
o-> Gets you black haired fighter
o=> Blonde fighter
o-+ Redhead fighter
(%) Gives you the Chinese symbol Yin & Yang used mainly by Kung-Fu practitioners
A hidden smiley... starry smile. use (*) and you have a star with a smiling face!!! it's cute..

:-j - "jk" (just kidding)
:[email protected] - blabbermouth
:-> - animated flirt face
Everything else hidden is animated now, too.
Title: Re: Yahoo Messenger Secret Smilies
Post by: Romeo_must_die on November 27, 2007, 12:21:51 AM
thanx brooo!!! mewa wada neda machoooooozzzz!!!! elaaazzz!!!!