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Title: Human Rights Bureau
Post by: sithari on August 10, 2006, 03:24:58 PM
The Human Rights Bureau
The Staff
Landmark Events of Human Rights Bureau
The Human Rights Bureau

The Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka (LAC) and The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRC) has entered into a memorandum of understanding to conduct human rights cases in the Supreme Court.The HRC agreed to refer complaints on fundamental rights violations to LAC received within 30 days of such violation to the HRC where we, the LAC, would give necessary legal assistance including the appearance in the Supreme Court to get relief and redress. A special arm called Human Rights Bureau was established on the patronage of the present Chairmen of the LAC Hon. S. S. Wijeratne former senior Legal Counsel UNHCR Geneva.The Regional Offices of both the LAC and the HRC would coordinate and liaise with each other to assure the channeling of the Fundamental cases to the HRC or LAC headquartered in Colombo within the stipulated time period. The regional officers of the LAC and the HRC would coordinate to ensure effective implementation of their respective mandates.HRC and LAC in addition agreed to under take joint programs to promote human rights awareness in the Sri Lanka and agreed to undertake joint fund raising for special projects and liaise with donor agencies.

The Staff

At present there are three full-time Legal Counsels working in the Human Rights Bureau. At present Mrs. Sharmila Rasool, Attorney-at-Law, functions as the Head of the Human Rights Bureau, further she is one of the coordinating officers between the Human Rights Bureau and the HRC. W. Nuwan C. Peiris Attorney at Law is a full time Officer attached to the Bureau and does full time fundametal rights litigation.



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Please address the email to Mr. Nuwan Peiris - Attorney at Law