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Title: World Cup 2007
Post by: doka on April 25, 2007, 12:19:47 PM

Title: Re: World Cup 2007
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Title: Re: World Cup 2007
Post by: doka on April 27, 2007, 08:39:33 AM
Title: Re: World Cup 2007
Post by: weli_polonga on April 27, 2007, 12:26:13 PM
Tomorrow night will be a tensed night for all of us in Sri Lanka (and in Australia as well). Two great sides meet again in a world cup final. Last time we met, we Sri Lankans managed to win convincingly. We were the Dark Horses then while Australia was the favorites. Arjuna’s pre cup wish was to qualify for a quarter final berth. But ended up the champions cause we played a brilliant form of cricket. The whole team produced excellent sportsmanship. Let’s give the due credit to one of our own country men who migrated to Australia and became the first Sri Lankan to play for Australia – Dave Watmore. His coaching and strategic planning played an equally important role in that victory. He has shown his skills with the Bangladesh team this year.

Man to man Australia has the edge over us. They are very professional in their approach and always plays to win. A juggernaut only a few sides has managed to defeat in resent years. Let’s give the devil his due. No one will ever win by under estimating the enemy.

We, on the other hand, just enjoy playing cricket. As one journalist said, “The only gentlemen remaining in the game”. A team not on its peak form, but as the saying goes every dog has his day. Especially on these big occasions our boys, do Mother Lanka proud. Let’s not start the celebrations yet, but be happy that we reached the finals, when great teams like the Indians and the Pakistani’s couldn’t even qualify for the Supper Eight.

A match is never won till the final run is scored or the last wicket in taken, unless Duckworth /Luwis has their say. Hope the rainy twins will be silent in this final.

All Sri Lankan, from the North, East, South, West and the Central Areas, will cheer, and pray to their many gods to favor us on this great day. Hope Prabakaran too takes a night off from his busy schedule of terrorizing the citizens and over a beer, cheer his side in an air-conditioned bunker in front of a giant TV screen.

Let Cricket has the power to unify our divided nation on this day (and for ever).

May the best team Win.

Go Lanka Go