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Title: Do not start threads targeting any website online.
Post by: Sudeera on May 16, 2007, 09:02:30 PM
Enough is Enough

we've been seeing so many threads coming up in this forum which directly or indirectly targets some other websites.

Moral and ethical thinking is great .
We do respect the freedom of expression in forums.( thats why we let these kind of threads exist in FN so far )

But, things have been getting out of hand lately.

so I repeat again,

Please dont bring ur personal troll pops or any conflicts in any other website on internet to this forum
We do not tollerate, criticising  or commenting about any other forum on internet in a bad manner.
Please dont try to create any conflicts or post offencive, harsh comments targeting other web sites online.

Just post ur own ideas views and critics about this website.
this is the final warning,
any threads meeting above criteria will be deleted in future
Title: Do not start threads/posts targeting anyone.
Post by: Sudeera on October 16, 2007, 08:55:40 PM
@m| @f`\r#my wOl, [email protected]\t @h`\ @c`\qn` krn\n , a#MQl\l qQgO krn\n klQn\
e' g#n @qvrk\ sQw` bln\n
e' [email protected]\m pLmEv pW em| ekk\ e' kQyn\@n\ pEq\glQkv pNQvQdyk\ yv` e' pEq\gly` smg ey @b|rgn\n bln\n
a#d|mQn\ smg @h`\ k` ek\k hrQ pYX\Nyk\ [email protected]\ nm| I @m|l\ mgQn\ @h`\ pNQvQd mgQn\ ey vQs[` gn\n

wv qErtw\, pEq\glQk a`rvEl\, k$ @k`\ g#sWm|, @@vr v#pQrWm| vlQn\ @w`r, @f`\r#myk\ pvw\v`@gn y$mt ey vd` v#qgw\ vnE a#w.

If  you have a problem with anyone or anything in this forum, deal with it through PM's first
dont bring your personal troll pops to forums