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Title: Dialog Customer Service & Client's Dissapointments
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on September 03, 2007, 04:47:58 PM
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Title: Re: Dialog Customer Service & Client's Dissapointments
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on September 03, 2007, 08:39:01 PM
aq`l as`{`rNyt lk\ vR gY`hky` p#[email protected]|, avs`nyt kw` kl aq`l p`[email protected]`\gQk sh`yky`@g\ nm wm`t @m| vnvQt amwk bv y.

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[email protected]| aqhs\ q#k\vWm g#n s\wOwQvn\w @vmE.

- sQAhly` m`{&j`ly @[email protected]\..,

@mhQ qk\v` a#wQ kr#NE anEv [email protected]`g\ a`[email protected]\ v$rHq\qk\ sQqEvW a#w.
ey [email protected]\ vW  nm| em v$rHq\q [email protected]\  k`tq? kvq`q?

0777 678 678 [email protected]`g\ p`[email protected]`\gQk @s\v`v a#[email protected]|nm| em [email protected]`g\ a`[email protected]\ ( p`[email protected]`\gQk ) @s\v` sh`yky` @g\ nmq ? sthn\ krn @mn\ il\l` sQtQmQ.

Title: Re: Dialog Customer Service & Client's Dissapointments
Post by: CodeMaster on September 16, 2007, 11:36:26 PM
Ow mamth yam sidu weem kihipayakatama muhuna dunna.  :(Namuth ihatha kee sidu weem wage baraarum thathwayee eva nemi.Mona una unath e hama sidu weemakma Dialog Customer service eken sidi unu adupaadu. Few years ago it was not like current.  :?They had a superb customer service. But I strongly feel its going down. Please save goodwill of Dialog.
Thank you.
---"Dialog Priority customer" kenek---