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Title: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: Cleo. on October 31, 2007, 10:24:57 AM
Few Of  Damaged Aircrafts

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K8/K8/K8/MI24/BELL 212
Title: Re: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: Sierra on October 31, 2007, 06:59:45 PM
Dont fall for cheap propaganda stunts.

Of the first three images published only the first one is a burnt out wreck of a K8. The other two are wreckages are of a Kfir and a MIG27M flogger.

SLAF does not hold any of its strike aircraft at ANURADHAPURA, which brings into question as to what is the ORIGINAL source of the first 3 images.

As you can see the first three images are of the 2001 KATUNAYAKA airbase attack and NOT the ANURADHAPURA attack.
Title: Re: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: Cleo. on October 31, 2007, 07:14:11 PM

Saying thank you is not enough,,

In that case, u are a real eye opener.
Now there are more issues to discuss..

I got these pictures via mail. But before publish here, I have noticed that several local media (Print and web) has published these pictures under the same title. But there were no one to object and still everybody keeps silent.

Title: Re: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: Sierra on October 31, 2007, 07:30:29 PM
Which is why the GOSL is heading for the total media censorship of news relating to war.

If the media cannot act in a responsible manner, then in my opinion harsh actions should be taken.

Another incident of unprofessional media action took place near Homagama when a container escorted by the Military ordanance overturned. Cameramen showing scant regard to strict military secrecy/ordanance attempted to take pictures of what was inside the container.

When the soldiers had to take hard action against them, the FMM and the entire bandwagon was up in rooftops howling media freedom slogans.

What more can I say?
Title: Re: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: weli_polonga on November 01, 2007, 09:25:40 AM
The Government won’t say anything on these pictures because they claimed that only two fighter planes got damaged during the 2001 attack, which also completely destroyed 3 Airbuses and damaged 5 more in SriLankan fleet..

The government has lifted the “News Black Out” fully knowing that News cannot be suppressed with today’s technology. At least the President had the guts to correct such a silly mistake. Only show the quality of people who advice the President, that a Gazette Notification is withdrawn two days after it is published.

If the Government Published the full picture after Anuradhapura raid, the public will not fall prey to faulty propaganda of the enemy. Since every one knows that much more havoc was caused at A’pura than what the Military and the Government claimed, we will believe any picture that is circulated. Even of Phantoms burning in Sinai during Yamkipur war as those of A’pura.
Title: Re: NEWS in VIEWS
Post by: Sierra on November 01, 2007, 07:11:24 PM
The government has said and revealed enough of its losses. We are at war, not on a picnic. By providing and publicising damage assessments gives first hand info to the enemy of its success. In military parlance this is known as BDA - Battle Damage Assessment.

In addition, there was no way a swift assessment could have been made on the aftermath. There were worries over whether the Tamil rebels managed to boobitrap the hangar doors, to see if there was any presence of unexploded satchel charges and other ordnance etc before an assessment could have been made. Then there were the 'unexploded' bodies clad with suicide belts. SLAF officials have to adhere to all these procedures before thinking of what is lost what could be salvaged. Finally there was evidence to prove that there were 'survivors' out of the Tiger contingent that took part in the attack.

All these takes time. And time/patience is something Sri Lankans lack.

As publicised thorough the Sunday Times this week, SLAF lost 2 UAVs that weren't even out of the delivery crates - the much vaunted Blue Horizons. As a legitimate government can it reveal every single detail that way? Wouldn't it be first hand intelligence information to the enemy? Wouldn't it be publicising what the SLAF was planning to do in the future? Wouldn't it be jeopardising SLAF's much successful modus operendii?