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Post by: Janath on December 25, 2007, 01:13:02 AM
Are you interest about transmitter

1st try to make a small (1watt) FM(frequency Modulation) transmitter in 88 to 108Mhz. but this is not too small.We test works around few time to start.Ill like to go step by step.I think its better than jump big steps.

Main parts of a Medium power FM transmitter

1.Power supply
2.Modulated oscillator
3.RF pre driver amplifier
4.RF driver amplifier
5.RF amplifier
6.Output assembly

this are the most inportent parts of a medium power Tx (Tx is short name to transmitter)

But we are going to make small Tx.Then we only need
1.Power supply
2.Modulated oscillator

to day i give the block diagram of oscillator

Any thing not clear... send a mail or make a call to me... Ill help you.