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Title: Tsunami___________Pasu WiparUmak
Post by: GURU-G on December 26, 2008, 11:03:58 AM

sEn`mQ a#vQw~ aqt avEr#qE 4yQ!!!
[email protected]~ a`qrNWy l`AkQkyn~ vQsl~ pQrQsk~ [email protected]~ uqEr`gw~,rt vsr gNnkt psE ps~st a#q q#mR sEn`mQy a#vQw~ aqt hrQytm sQv| vsrk~!
e~ sQv| vsr wSl ovEn~ @[email protected]~ l#bEnE a`{`r vlQn~ [email protected]~ un~ @m`nvq [email protected]~...
w`mw~ e~ mQnQs~sE ewnmyQ.a#yQ!!!

Title: Re: Tsunami___________Pasu WiparUmak
Post by: NIMALI on December 26, 2008, 01:12:58 PM
e' kw`vnm| a#w\w ml\lQy`. [email protected]\ rtt @hn ghl [email protected]\@n on\n o|k nQs`. o|nm @qyk\ un`t ps\@s mwk [email protected]\@n v#dQm [email protected]`w\ swQyyQ @qkyQ. e'w\ e'kt v#[email protected]\m vgkQyn\n o|n [email protected]\ @q\Xp`[email protected]` tQk. sEn`[email protected]\ n#wQvEn mQnQs\ jQvQw asWmQwyQ. m#rQ m#rW jWvw\@vn mQnQs\sEnm| wv [email protected]@nk\ q. e' jQvQw qQh` blbl [email protected]\ [email protected]`yQ kQynvt vd` @h`qyQ @n\q e' ay @[email protected]\ ymk\ krn\n iqQrQ prm|pr`v vw\ aw\v#l\ b#q gn\n ek