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Title: RSGB Hand Book
Post by: amacolp on December 26, 2008, 03:38:23 PM
HI Friends

Here is another opportunuity to get the RSGB Radio Hand Book which is publish by the RSGB of    Great Britin.

    Post subject: RSGB Handbook

password = 0000

go to the above link and open it u will aske for a password just type the above password Then you will be able to down load all the contents in PDF format.

NB: This link is provided by the RSGB by itself and avaliable to down load in this part of the world.
If the webmaster is not permitting this link just go to and get it from there

Ok guies wish you a very Happy new year
enjoy reading the valuable book RSGB hand book

Best Regards
Remember the password is "0000"