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Title: Dirty Mili's Dirty Interventions Are Shameless..! (3rd Floor 16-06-2009 Edition)
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on June 16, 2009, 01:04:59 PM

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bthQr [email protected]|gyn\ hQ s#lsEm| @gny`m s[h` @y`q`gw\ blyt k$qr s\[email protected]\XQk kOlW @h\v`yn\ pQlQb[v nm| @q\Xyt hQw#wQ sQyl\@l`\ m av{`[email protected]\ sQtQy yEwO y.

- sQAhly` pEvw\

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Title: Re: Dirty Mili's Dirty Interventions Are Shameless..! (3rd Floor 16-06-2009 Edition)
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on June 16, 2009, 01:09:37 PM

"Uninvited guest appearance of Miliband & Kouchner" now showing in Iran after the loss in Sri Lanka..

- Dirty Mili is become more and more dirty...!

C.E. Katuwawalage & Asha Nanayakkara,
SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka:

The western powers apparently had chosen another stage to play their drama following the miserable rejection by Sri Lanka. Inseparable couple, David Miliband of Britain & Bernard Kouchner who were busy making million-dollar plans to rescue then LTTE leader Prabhakaran, during the last few days of the Wanni Humanitarian Mission had now turned to Iran, commenting on the country's presidential election.

Following the recent presidential election, Iran's former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected having 60% out of the total votes. It counts nearly 40 million of the country's population.

His main opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi who hardly took 33% of the votes is now accusing that the election is a corrupted & an unfair one. He also accuses Ahmadinejad for blocking the SMSs & the websites which Mir-Hosseinís campaigners used.

Mir-Hossein is known to be a yes-man of western powers. While the supporters of Ahmadinejad cheering in Tehran, Mir-Hossein's supporters committed many undesirable acts.

Motivated by this issue, Miliband & Kouchner had rushed to the scene and had criticized the election to be an unfair one and through international media they have asked for an investigation for the probe. This is not a new thing either to us (Sri Lankans) & to the David Miliband-Bernard Kouchner couple as well.

Once they failed to save LTTE terror chief, Velupillai Prabhakaran at the last few days of Wanni Humanitarian Mission, the next allegation on war crimes. These types of shameless, unacceptable intervention are a "born talent" of Miliband & Kouchner.

If a country elected a leader for them, if he can take better decision for the good of his fellow citizens, why on earth he should listen to outsiders?

Conflicts in the Asian, African & Middleast countries are beneficial for the above mentioned western sympathizers. Itís the only way they can digest & survive. Thatís the only way they can suck all the valuable natural & human resources from these Asian, African and Middle East countries. Also if there are no conflicts & Problems to whom they sell weapons? Creating instability and conflicts in those countries are the main points in the agenda of the western bodies, so that they can drag those nations to the depth of the poverty.

To support this greedy, shameless mission there are many western media organizations in line. BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Sky news are to name a few. They voice the west extensively. 95% of their news items contain news about the conflicts of Asian, African and Middle-east countries.

These countries are the main news source for them. These are clear evidence that conflicts, instability and poverty of Asian, African and middle-east countries make the West richer in the long run.

From somewhere or the other Miliband emerges and trying to show off his "peeking" talent, which is one of his unique. He also continues sharpening it as its the only way he can make a living.

But itís pretty sure that he will receive a "wonderful warm welcome" in Iran, just like the one he got in Sri Lanka.
Having said that, we should not forget that they are many yes-men of the west among us.

Just like Ranil Wickramasinghe in Sri Lanka, its Mir-Hossein in Iran.

But, The People Are Now AwakeÖ!

- Sinhalaya News

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