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Title: Tough times in Hood ( 4 sachi babe)
Post by: poor me on August 07, 2006, 03:54:09 PM
       (This  Film For OUr Sachitha malliya.)


       Anne Hathaway gives Little Red Riding Hood the required modicum of'tude in this breezy, CGI-generated update of the classic children's story.

But it's Glenn Close's gravity-defying granny who really breaks the mould. Beneath that sweet ol' grey-haired cookie-baking exterior is an extreme sportswoman who proves herself to be more than a match for any forest-dwelling carnivore.

And the Wolf (Patrick Warburton)? Well, as an old-school crime journo, he reveals himself to be a predator of an entirely different sort.

Hoodwinked, which purports to tell the true story of Little Red Riding Hood, is a revisionist fairy tale in the tradition of Shrek.

But while the basic premise is not exactly original, Cory Edwards' directorial debut has enough wit and energy to elevate it above mere carbon copy status.

Hoodwinked begins with the fairy tale's familiar final showdown.

About the time Red remarks "what big eyes" the poorly disguised Wolf has, a tied-and-bound Grandma bursts out of a nearby cupboard and an axe-weilding woodsman crashes through the dining room window.

At this point, somebody calls the police and Grandma's home becomes a crime scene.
The story then unfolds, in Rashmonon-style flashback, from the perspective of the various characters involved.

The lead investigator of the case, David Ogden Stiers' giant frog, Nicky Flippers, is responsible for piecing together the jigsaw puzzle in which nothing, and no one, is what they first appear to be.

As the opening sequence rightly points out, you shouldn't judge a (pop-up) book by its cover.

Hathaway's Red, who pedals through the forest to deliver Granny's cakes and biscuits to its cuter-than-cute inhabitants, is just the right balance of conventional and contemporary.

The animated world she inhabits looks good enough to eat. But when she learns that a goodie thief is on the prowl, destroying the livelihood of many small stallholders, Red rashly removes the family recipe book from its hiding place and embarks on a dangerous journey to deliver it to grandma's mountain home.

Pounced upon in the thick of the forest by a yowling wolf, she understandably assumes he is going to eat her. But when he gets to tell his side of the story, the truth turns out to be a little more complex.

Despite his hulking frame, the axe-man (James Belushi) is revealed to be a wannabe actor who is a few logs short of a forest.

And Granny? Well she's simply full of surprises.

Rounding out the cast are Twitchy, Edwards' hyperactive squirrel (who bears a surprising resemblance to Steve Carrell's animal character in Over The Hedge). And a scene-stealing singing hillbilly goat (Benjy Gaither).

A fast, fun forest frolic.

       by Vicky Roach
Title: Re: Tough times in Hood ( 4 sachi babe)
Post by: Sachitha on August 08, 2006, 11:58:31 AM
ah  animation movie  :D Thx akkiz
Title: Re: Tough times in Hood ( 4 sachi babe)
Post by: Sachitha on August 15, 2006, 11:56:35 AM
:D :D

   E kiyanne  oya thama ara bottle feeding babe kiyala oyama piligananva neda? :P

     (e unata matath meka nam balannama one. emule eke  ikmanata deida danne ne)  8)

oh emule eke danawa da? ohhh
Title: Re: Tough times in Hood ( 4 sachi babe)
Post by: Sachitha on August 16, 2006, 11:54:51 AM
:D :D

 ow sachiyo...duppath apita nethnam kohenda meva  sallivalata ganna... :?

  man ithin emule ares lage help eken jivath venava.... :lol:

i gona try it virus awoth ehema iwarai  :D