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Title: Rice flour Vs. Wheat flour
Post by: sithari on September 14, 2006, 10:51:35 PM
We have launched a vigorous programme to manufacture bread, and bakery items from rice flour. Rice flour is the main food consumed by most Asian countries. It is home grown, it is nutritious, it is cheap. With that, we live with nature. That is how our ancestors lived so healthy and so long.

On or about 1505 we were compelled to change of our food pattern, our cultural heritage based in the paddy field, temple, kovil and dagoba was transformed to bread and an alien culture. We now depend on wheat flour and subsidise farmers of the USA, Brazil and other wheat growing countries.

With wheat flour we impart diabetes and pressure. We are self sufficient in rice. Nutritionists all over the world say it is one of the best main food items in the world. The amount of foreign exchange spent on flour is enormous.

Our paddy farmers go through immense sufferings due to low prices for paddy. The situation is heart breaking. We have made serious mistakes somewhere in history, yes it is still not too late to correct ourselves. President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Miniser of Agriculture Chamal Rajapaksa and Minister Chandrasena have directed and encouraged the Consumer Affairs Authority to implement a programme, to popularise the concept-"Bread from Rice Flour".

It is the duty of the Consumer Affairs Authority to pave the way for consumers to get high quality food products at a reasonable price. It is a 'human right' and the duty of any Government in power to provide this facility to citizens. It is also in our parameter and mandate to guide, encourage and pave the way for the industrialists, traders and businessmen to help the consumers.

The Bread and Bakery products we propose to produce are of equal or better standard and extremely healthy than that of wheat flour products. It is true that wheat-flour products are easy to make and consume in this fast and developing world. Steps are being taken to maintain the same standard and present the items on rice flour products in a modern and sophisticated way.

There will be projects all over the country to encourage bakers and generate income for youngsters based on self-employment projects. Minister of Trade Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and the Government has planned to introduce small scale rice mills to villages.

Steps are being taken by the other Ministers to provide small-flour mills and to establish "Bakery Villages". Minister Dinesh Gunawardena has agreed to provide us with lands for Bakeries. These are very encouraging signs. We need the co-operation of the people, scientists and organisations from Sri Lanka and worldwide in this exercise.

We hope to seek the assistance of Japan, Thailand etc to give us the necessary support to our bakers. Based on Mahinda Chinthana, we propose to give school children and patients "Healthy Rice Bread" instead of junk wheat bread. British Prime Minister Tonny Blair has launched a vigorous campaign against junk food and to give the children the traditional vegetarian English meal to live with nature. It is time for us to follow the good things from the West.

As the CAA, we act as a catalyst and a guiding force. We have paved the way and directed the respective organisations to commence the project and we request the public to use our consumer pages in the "Dinamina", "Daily News" and "Thinakaran" in this exercise. Let us work together to derive the benefits of this natural policy, states Sarath Wijesinghe Chairman Consumer Affairs Authority in a press release.

Daily News
Title: Re: Rice flour Vs. Wheat flour (Rice flour bread introduced)
Post by: sithari on September 27, 2006, 07:26:53 AM
Rajmi Manatunga

COLOMBO: The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) yesterday introduced bread made of rice flour to the public in a bid to save the foriegn exchange spent on importing wheat flour.

The bread and a range of other food products made of rice flour were introduced at a seminar held at the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd (ANCL) yesterday to promote the consumption of rice flour.

Addressing the seminar, Science and Technology Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharana said that in addition to the cost involved, wheat flour was also the cause of health hazards since it is devoid of important vitamins and fibre.

"The use of rice flour to produce bread will also help our economy, given the staggering amount of money spent on importing wheat flour," he said.

CAA Chairman Sarath Wijesinghe said that Sri Lanka spends a substantial part of its national income on purchasing wheat flour from countries like Brazil and the United States.

"It is ironic that we are enriching farmers in other countries while those in our own country commit suicide unable to sell their produce," he said.

He said the time has come to replace this wheat flour culture with a culture based on rice in accordance with the Mahinda Chinthana.

ANCL Chairman Anil Obeysekere addressing the seminar said that using rice flour to make bread and other food could have a twin benefit.

"On the one hand it would be a tremendous saving of foriegn exchange while it would also benefit our farmer community. The ANCL will do its best to support this attempt to promote rice products," he added.

Obeysekere also pointed out that Sri Lanka spends Rs 17 billion per annum to import wheat flour.