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Title: say NO to SIRASA, say NO to LTTE...
Post by: umaa on November 26, 2006, 10:08:12 PM
langadi mata hamba vuna thavath mail ekaka thibuna deyak FN ekeee daanna oone kiyala hithuna laankikayo vashayen api dena gatha yuthu deyak gena... 

hi all...

Please don't be foolish again. It is a clear fact that Maharaja Group (Sirasa FM, Sirasa TV, Shakthi, MTV, Y FM and all) have a connection with LTTE.  According to the Investigations, 20% from the revenue of  Maharaja Group goes to LTTE. Even the CID is going to take serious actions about this issue.  If you want I can give you many details to prove the connection between Maharaja Group and LTTE.  Do you know that one reporter was already there in Galle before the Galle attack???????????????????

Worst part is this. Unfortnately our people help LTTE by watching SIRASA and the Other Channels in their group. Here is a small example. Most of our people were mad to watch and vote for superstars. They did sms. They Charged Rs 10 for a one sms. Rs 8 goes to SIRASA form which 20 % goes to LTTE..

From every sms that you send YOU HAVE DONATED 1.60 Rs.. TO THE LTTE FUND . How Sympathetic. isnt it ?  

This is the reality... keep your eyes open and don't SMS this time .

*********Let's join our hands to defeat LTTE terrorism and save our motherland*********

Just think about it and pass this massage to all Sri Lankans.

Title: Re: say NO to SIRASA, say NO to LTTE...
Post by: Sudeera on November 26, 2006, 10:10:32 PM
thanx uma for this article
I heard that there r investigations going on about this maharaja group and whre their money is headed to
so lets see wht happens