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Title: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: dagaya on May 16, 2007, 09:25:48 AM

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Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: Sudeera on May 16, 2007, 08:27:47 PM
qMy` >
sQAhly` m`{& kLmN`k`rQw\vy @[email protected]\ pYX\nyt uw\wryk\ @qn\nm|

@b`@h`\ @f`\r#m vl ap @f`\r#[email protected]\ m`w^k` qkQn\n l#@bnv`, e'k a#w\w. nmEw\ e'kt k`tvw\ a#MQlQ qQk\ krn\n sQAhly` apQt avX& n#h#.

an\wr\ j`ly wOl pEUl\ @ls vQhQqW gQy m`{& @vb| advQyk\ vn apt, sQAhly` j`wQk @f`\r#myw\, f#n\tsQ nQm|ny @f`\r#myw\ ynE ap j`ly wOl [email protected]\ ek\ @k`tsk\ pmNQ
ap sQAhly` m`{& j`ly r[` pvwQn\@n\ @m| @f`\r#m mw @n`vn b#vQnQ. @vns vth` gn\n.

[email protected]\ kOmk\ @h`\ sQAhly`@gn\ @k`pQ krnv`nm| e'k @klQn\m ap m`{& j`[email protected]\ vgkQvyEwO nQl{`[email protected]\ upEt` qk\vnE a#w,
uq`: rsQky` ynE [email protected]\ @f`\r#m s`m`[email protected] m` qn\n` wrmQn\ ohE @m| bv @f`\r#m vl lQy` [email protected]|.
@f`\r#m vl wm aqhs\ pYk`X kQrWm s[h` nQqhs a#w.

@f`\r#m v`sW s`[email protected]\ e'g#n kQv|v` kQyl` e'kt sQAhly` m`{& kLmN`k`rQw\vy a$[` g#nWm @n`kl yEwO bv kr#N`@vn\ slkn\n

enQs` ob ihw qk\v` wQbR ap m`{& klmN`k`rQw\vy sm|bn\q @k`ts a#w\wtm @[email protected]\t a#v#sQ @n`vn ymk\ b#v| vth` gn\n.
Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: Sudeera on May 16, 2007, 09:18:17 PM

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dagaya> where on  earth did u get to know the statistics of the percentage using the chat rooms in each chat room?
I would like to know which statistical measurement u undertook before u made such statement ? any facts ??

Unless u are involved with chat room management I dont think u can actually get hold of any correct values (such as  IP's of the users chatting by the same name.. or emails  etc etc) to have a percentage of users using the chat room from both web sites

@[email protected] 25% kQyn\n , @m`nvq [email protected] s`{k sh @m| s[h` @y`q` gw\ mQNEm| qVE @m`nvq kQyl` q#n gn\n k#mwQyQ.

[email protected]\ @m|kt gQy` @m|@kn\ e'kt a`v` kQyl` kQyn\n [email protected] s`{k @m`nvq?
e'[email protected]\m @mv#nQ @q\vl\ ulEp\p` @pn\[email protected]\ ob bl`@p`@r`w\wO @vn\@n\ kOmk\q kQyn eknm| mt g#tUvk\.

Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: Mahasen on May 17, 2007, 07:38:51 AM
Sinhalaya eke FN eka kawurum hari copy karanawanam eeka management eka adambara wenna oona
Mokada ee ayata aluth deyak hadaganna taram Nirmanathmaka shakthiyak naha
anith eka eeaya eekiyanne piligannawa FN is the BEST kiyala
thawa tika dawsakin hama ekakm me Format ekata awa kiyamu
api mokada karanna oona
ee ayata bana bana inna eka nemei
api thawath meka aluth karana eka
eka thanam pal wunoth anith aya apiwa pahu karan yawi
Ex ; Free SMS facility eka godak hondai
Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: dagaya on May 17, 2007, 11:16:42 AM

Admin Censored

[email protected]\,

@n`[email protected]\ es\, em|, es\ @s\v`v mWt m`s kWpykt ihwqW @vb| advQyk\ wOlQn\ hqEn\v` @qn lqW..
Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on May 17, 2007, 12:05:28 PM
" qn\@n`\ qnQwQ,,, @n`qn\@n`\ @q`dvwQ.."

kLmN`k`rWw\vy @[email protected]\ qk\v`pE aqhs\ vlt wOwQ.. a#w\@wn\ m @mwn aqhs\ qk\vn\n o|nQ rsQky`..

[email protected]\,
ov|. oy` kQyn @q\ a#w\w.. [email protected] b#[email protected]`w\ q#n\ [email protected] aUw\ @vb| advQ @b`@h`\myk\ sQAhly`@gn\ gn\n o|nQ @q\ gw\w.. e'k @h`[ pYvNw`vyk\..

- c#t| r$m| wOlt sAgWwy mEsE kQrWm mElQn\m h[En\v` qEn\@n sQAhly`, @qvnEv ann\mnn\.. @wvnEv on\ln\k`..

an\wr\j`ly wOl [email protected] @b`@h`\ @qn` " syQbr\ kvWn\" [email protected] @m| fn\tsQ nQm|ny wOlQn\ lq pn\nry nQs`,, aq an\wr\j`ly pEr` vQsQr a#wQ @m| kvWn\@gn\ a#[email protected]`w\ kQy`vQ @k`wnq upw kQyl...

c#t| r$m| vl sQAhl vqn\ x`vQwy mElQn\m| h[En\v` qEn\@n sQAhly`,, ps\@s ann\mnn\ hQwvwOn\,,,Itw\ ps\@s anQw\ ay..

an\wr\j`[email protected]\ klQn\ [email protected]\ @m`[email protected]\tr\s\ l pmN yQ.. sQAhly` [email protected]\ wmyQ c#t| m#@n\jr\s\ l in\@n... anQk.. sQAhly c#t| wmyQ "sQAhl c#t|" kQyl apQ pYvr\{ny [email protected]\.. e'w\ is\sr "XWY lAkn\ c#t|" kQyn sAkl\py aq "sQAhl c#t|" kQyl @vns\ @vl`.. q#n\ @gdQ pQtQn\ anQw\ @vb| advQ vl [email protected] @yqEm| pv` @y`q` g#@nnv..
e'k @h`[ @qyk\,,, apQt pElEvn\ @vl [email protected] l`[email protected]\y an\wr\j`l gmn\ [email protected]\ @prgmn\kr#vn\ vn\nt.. e' [email protected] m$w k`lWn @b`@h`\ @vb| advQ sQAhly`@gn\ a`x`;yk\ gw\wO ekw\ rhsk\ @[email protected] yQ.

mElQn\m kQyn\n o|nQ,, @m|@k @vb| advQ vl nm| @klQn\ m s[hn\ [email protected]\ vlkQn\n.. apQt k`tvw\ a#MQl\l qQk\ krl kw` krn\n b#h#.. anQk ar 25% kQyn gNn\ hQlvE @k`@hn\q gw\@w kQyl q#ngn\n o|nQ..

anQk es\.em|. es\ x`vQwy an\wr\j`[email protected]\ kQYy`w\mk [email protected]\ ms @qkkt udqQ nm| @[email protected] mWt avEr#qE 5 kt vQwr klQn\ sn\@tl\ vv| [email protected]\.. mWt avEr#qE wOnkt klQn\ ann\mnn\ @vb| [email protected],, ps\@s\ ayQ XWYlAk` @vb| [email protected]\... e' nQs` wmn\ qn\n @q\ [email protected]\ kQyl q`nv @vnEvt ar\}`n\vQw kw`bhk\ @gnQyn\n uw\sh krmE,

anQk, sQAhly` g#n k`tvw\ a#MQl\@ln\ a#nl kQyn\n uvmn` n#h#.. h#@m`\m qn\nv sQAhly` kQyn\@n @m`kk\ q kQyl..

e' hn\q, s^N`w\mk @q\ sm|bn\{@yn\ @vnw\ @vb| advQ vl nm| @klQn\ m sQAhly` ek\k a#[` gn\n ep` kQyl mA il\l` sQtQnv.. @m`kq e' smkQrWm kvq`vw\ s`r\}k n#h#.. [email protected]\k\; yQ.

apQ nQwrm {n`w\mk @q\ @[email protected]\ @vnw\ @vb| advQ vl nm| kQynv,, mA @m| @p`\s\t| [email protected]\ kl` e'k..

anQk, l`[email protected]\y an\wr\j`[email protected]\ iwQh`sy apQ aw\q#[email protected]\ qn\n uqvQy. [email protected]`t| @k`m| [email protected]\ ptn\ @gn, eq` i[l aq qk\v` o|nQ w#nk\ @vns\ unE h#tQ apQt nm| ktp`dm|.. e' nQs` an\wr\j`[email protected]\ lAk`@v| iwQh`sy g#n ar ob krpE "m`s @[email protected]\ kw`v h` @k`pQ krpE @q\vl\" g#n a#w\w @m`kk\q kQyl oy`t vd` q#nEmk\ a#wQ @m|@k in\n anQw\ ayt v#[email protected]\vQ.

@m| uw\[email protected]\ ar @k`pQ krn kw`vt,,, [email protected]\ vQgYhy..
kvEr#w\ @k`pQ krnv wmyQ..
e'w\ @gdQ pQtQn\ @k`pQ krn [email protected],, [email protected] @k`pQ krn [email protected] @vnsk\ [email protected]

aq @l`\[email protected]\ "klQn\ nQr\m`Ny krn lq prQgNk v#dsthn\" [email protected] c#t|, @f`\rm|, pQk\cr\ g#lrQ [email protected]\.. e'v @g`dk\ m fWY.. apQ e'v @k`pQ krnv @[email protected] e'v [email protected]\@n p`vQc|cQ krn\n,,,,, apQ e'v p`vQc|cQ krl [email protected]\ ann&w`vykt hrQ yn\n apQtm @vns\ krgn\nv.. q#n\ an\wr\j`[email protected]\ [email protected] @b`@h`\ @vb| advQ bQhQ @vn\@n @m| "pWY @[email protected]\td| s\kQYp\t|" wOl,, uq`hrNyk\ @ls "|.pW. nQyEk\"
e'w\ sQAhly` e' gnnt v#@tn\@n n#w\@vn\@n, apQ s\kQYp\t| wOlm y#@pn\@n n#h#.. ek awkQn\ e' [email protected] s\kQYp\t| @g`dk ekwOvk\ apQ.. anQw\ awQn\ apQ s`m|pYq`yQk @vb| pQtE bhEwryk\ a#wQ @vb| advQ smRhyk\...

an\n e' [email protected]\ ann&w`vy @vnw\ @vb| advQyk\ mgQn\ @k`pQ krn ek g#nyQ apQ kw` krn\@n,, e'w\ ar [email protected]\ kQvEv @q\ a#w\w.. apQ a`dm|br @vnv e' @k`pQ kQrQl\l g#n..

iwQA [email protected]`, q#n\ mA on\n oy`t mEl i[l agt @m| @p`\s\t| [email protected] vQs\wr kl` a#w\w n#w\w... oy` ym| @qyk\ qkQn\@n [email protected]\ q#[email protected] [email protected] prQm`vt anEv pmN yQ.. e'k s`{rN yQ.

@m| @p`\s\t| [email protected]\ oy`@g @k`ts\ tQk wv p#y kQhQpykQn\ ayQn\ krnv.. anQw\ s#@r\ @p`\s\t| ekk\ q`[email protected]`t mWt vd` vgkWmk\ a#wQv q`n\n.. @n`qn\n @qyk\ [email protected] nm|, wmn\t [email protected] @q\ kQyl q`n\@n n#wQv, qn\n @[email protected]\@gn\ ahl q`n ek nm|bE yQ..

@h`[ uw\s`hyk\... e'w\ IlM s#@r\ tYyQ krmE.. psEbt @vn\n ep`,, apQ oy` ek\k..

- oy`[email protected] a`qrNWy @vbW
Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: dagaya on May 17, 2007, 12:51:05 PM

oy` @qk\@k n$w\d qn\@n\ oy` alEw\ @qyk\ krpE hQn\q ek agy krl [email protected]`..
@qyk\ @qm|mhm ayQn\ krn @h\wOv nm| mm qn\@n\ n$..
smhr vQt a#w\w wQw\w nQs` @vn\n a#wQ

(wv @qyk\ m`s kWpyk\ ekwO @vl` wmyQ av| r#q\q h#@qn\@n\ )

m|m|m| apQ blmE. apQ [email protected]\....

wv @qyk\ @vbW., em @vb| advQy sm|bn\[email protected]\ plvEn pQn\wOrw\ [email protected]| ayQn\ kr`nm| hrQ @n\q? @m`kq hrQ kQyn ek ayQn\ krl, @vrqQ kQyn ek vQwrk\ @pn\nn\@n\

Title: Re: <<< adaHas deKviImak >>>
Post by: w乇乃ᄊム丂イ乇尺 on May 17, 2007, 01:29:38 PM
(wv @qyk\ m`s kWpyk\ ekwO @vl` wmyQ av| r#q\q h#@qn\@n\ )

- bhEbRw kQyvn\d ep` [email protected]`.. k`[email protected]\t aq`l v qk\vn aqhs\ vtQnv...

m|m|m| apQ blmE. apQ [email protected]\....

- h`.. bl`@gn in\d... bln\ i[lvw\ hrQyt ymk\ krn\n [email protected] gn\n ek @k`c|cr @h`[ q @k`[email protected]`.. ?

wv @qyk\ @vbW., em @vb| advQy sm|bn\[email protected]\ plvEn pQn\wOrw\ [email protected]| ayQn\ kr`nm| hrQ @n\q? @m`kq hrQ kQyn ek ayQn\ krl, @vrqQ kQyn ek vQwrk\ @pn\nn\@n\

- rsQky` nm| e'k q`l [email protected]\@n hrQ v#rFq\q hrQytm q#[email protected] e' mnEs\[email protected] s`m`n& q#nEmQn\..,, vQc`rvw\ v..
e' nQs`, e'k ayQn\ krn\nm| oy` hrQ v#rqQ @m`kk\q kQyl hrQytm q#[email protected] @m|@k @p`\s\t| ekk\ q`pE qvst.. vQc`[email protected]\ yEwOv sAv`@qkt a`pE qvskt..

- WeBBy