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Title: Aadareida mata? Rashmi
Post by: Troy on June 05, 2008, 08:17:51 PM

ahs\ gAg`v ihw\w`@v..
 q#n\ mAq`kQNQ p`yn\@n n#h#....
gvQ g`nk\ qEr i[n\ en..
 oy [email protected]\ sEsEmQ vl sEv[ ..
wr# ahQmQ an\qk`[email protected]
 [email protected]\ ppEvt wOr#lE @vl` hVn wrmQ
oy` qn\nvwmQ.....
 a$w @vrL m`[email protected]  wnQun..
 mEwOrt` h#dunE ..
pEAcQm pEAcQ sQp\pQ ktEvk\ [email protected]
[email protected]\ rw\wrn\ a`qry ..
 mwk v#lQ wl`@v ..
qRk\br sWw h[p`@n awrmA @vl`..
mm  [email protected]\ e\ sEn\qr mwky ..
@mQ k[EUvlQn\ @gwOmQ krn\@n..
 [email protected]\ oy pEAcQ hQw..
p`rn\n nmQ @[email protected] rw\[email protected]\..
 kQyn\n oy` mt a`[email protected] @n\q ?