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SRI LANKA - Mini Travel Guide

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Sri Lanka
is an Island nation in off southern coast of Indian subcontinent, positioned in Latitude: 654′N and Longitude: 7954′E. The country's standard time is five and a half hours ahead of GMT. (+5.30). A 10-12 hour journey from Europe and a 18-19 hour journey from USA will bring you to this wondrous island.

In Sri Lanka, you'll find a variety of accommodation with indigenous cuisine, adventure and many more suitable for every budget. Despite of being a very small island that is only 270 km long and 140 km wide, Sri Lanka has innumerable places to visit and things to do for both local and foreign tourists.

From the ancient times Sri Lanka and its people are known for their hospitality and goodwill hence called the "Land of Smiles" ! Sri Lanka is rich with ethnic and cultural diversity. Although the Sinhalese Buddhist community forms the majority of population, Moors, Burghers, Malays and Tamils live in peace and tranquility enjoying equal rights, to make a more settled society.

After the Sri Lankan Security Forces claimed an end to the terrorist combatants - LTTE, who seriously disrupted the country for nearly 30 years, Peace and Harmony is now established all over the country.

Sri Lanka has an extensive number of indigenous dishes, fruits and spices.

All most all Sri Lankans indulge themselves with some sort of art such as dancing, music, sculpture or painting and their fondness for arts and culture dates back to immemorial times of aboriginal tribes and still been handed down the centuries orally. Not to mention that Buddhism has always been the influential force behind the great architectural works and the rich cultural norms.

According to historical records, Sri Lanka has a history of over 30,000 years out of which 2500 are written. Having accredited with a long and colorful history and rich culture nourished with Buddhism, Sri Lanka has become a famous travel destination. Not to forget the tremendous beauty of this Island.

Tropical climate, evergreen forests, white beaches and diverse landscape Sri Lanka has led to the title "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" !
There isn't any "Season and Off Season" to visit Sri Lanka as its a round-the-year destination.




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