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- PERAHERA (Procession)

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Perahera or the Procession displays the rich religious and cultural tradition of Sri Lanka. Buddhist temples conduct Perahera annually honoring Lord Buddha and commemorating several other incidents related to the life of Lord Buddha.

Kandy / Esala Perahera hosted by the Sri Dalada Maligawa / Temple of the sacred Tooth relic in Kandy is the most vibrant & colorful religious pageant. For five nights processions are conducted within the Dewale premises and on the sixth night it is the "Randoli Perahera" - the grandest of all.

Kandy Perahera is conducted following the new moon in July.

in other months also following the full moon days, there are various peraheras such as Duruthu Perahera (in the month of January), Navam Perahera (in the month of February) are conducted by the respective temples in grand scale.

Decorated elephants, performing dancers and drummers, as well as the whip crackers attract thousands of viewers.

Some videos of Perahera..



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