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SRI LANKA - Mini Travel Guide


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Sri Lanka is full of traditional delight and it's food is as unique as its culture.

From the ancient times, Sri Lanka is renowned for its spices, sensational array of culinary delicacies.

Whether you are on a tight schedule, or you have all the time in the world, your tour in Sri Lanka will be incomplete without the taste of traditional cuisine. Add to this the Sri Lankan finest quality tea coming from up country.

The specialty in Sri Lankan food is, the same food is differently made in different regions. Let it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian food or even sweets, they are prepared in totally different ways in different regions of the island, to fit everybody's taste.

Unique Sri Lankan food include Hoppers, Milk Rice and sambols (most famous is the coconut sambol made of ground coconut mixed with chillies, dried Maldive fish and lime juice).

Jaffna, as a peninsula, and other coastal towns such as Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Galle has an abundance of best and delicious seafood such as crab, shark, fish, prawn, lobster and squid. In the south of the island a popular dish is ambul thiyal, a pickle usually made from tuna, which is literally translated as 'sour fish curry'.

Instead of same old artificial soft drinks why not try some king coconut, the delicate Kurumba or mouth-watering fresh fruit juice on you way ? Sri Lankan nature's best is found in abundance in Sri Lanka. Being a tropical country Sri Lanka is blessed with a huge variety of fruit. You can taste all types of Bananas, Mangoes, Rambutan, Papaya, Melon, jackfruit...mmmm.... what not ?

Don't forget to taste Sri Lanka's very own Appa (Hoppers - including egg hoppers, milk hoppers), Kiribath (Milk Rice) and sweet varieties like Helapa, Peni Walalu, Kewum (oil cakes), vanduappa and paniappa. And hey ! If you are traveling in south don't return without tasting the southern-own delicacy - Curd and Treakle. A Cup of curd topped with treacle heavenly tastes; so as Wattalappam - a rich pudding made with Jaggery, fudge from the Kitul palm treacle.

Wanna try setting your mouth on fire ? Try our savory varieties. Short eats like pastries, rolls, cutlets etc will make your journey easy and fun. Sri Lankans has a fair tolerance for spicy food. But tourists can always find low-spiced versions of the native food at any eatery.

Sri Lankans are among the few in the world having blessed with best-tasted water.

Wonder what "tasted" means ? Try with any other country's water and see the difference. Bottled mineral water in other parts of the world and the safe drinking water readily available in Sri Lanka do differ from their ability to quench your thirst and the unique taste.

Comparing to the other countries in the region, Sri Lanka's significance is having best quality and fresh water in any part of the Island. Taste and the quality of water differs from region to region but not hard to find.
Up country possesses the best water in the island, a land of rugged forested mountains where some pretty clean water is on. Try the world's best water from Agarapathana, Maskeliya, Hatton, Pattipola or from Navalapitiya; Safe and fresh drinking water and no need to boil or to filter.


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