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With food, the other which makes your trip merry is - how much you can enjoy here. In Sri Lanka you can indulge in many activities ranging from countryside activities to the most modern lifestyle benefits.

Many parts of Sri Lanka offer facilities like bars, pubs, casinos, night clubs and cinemas, theatres, art galleries and even theme parks; suits everybody's nature.

To fulfill your creative urge, Sri Lanka is the best place; Sri Lankans are more into arts and music and hold a great history for it. Creative minds can make their time productive in Art galleries, Cinemas and theatres.

And for the funky typed ones, there are a variety of pubs, casinos and night clubs as well. Most of the Colombo Hotels offer clubs with music for dancing and all the hotels and resorts have bars and entertainment.

Not only that, engage yourself in some good shopping in Sri Lanka. Shopping is as interesting as any other activity you do here. Sri Lanka has a number of modern shopping malls and some hotels have Shopping arcades. On can buy Sri Lankan-own gems, handicrafts, curios of silver, brass, bone, ceramics, wood and terracotta, spices and the island's excellent tea.



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