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Traditional folk music existed from the very beginning of its race and it under the Buddhist environment.

Folk Music is originated from the day to day life of ordinary people where they sang folk poems (Kavi) as a way to pass time for the individual groups as they engaged in their work. But these folk poems sung as a form of cultural expression are unique to members of different castes (farmers, cart drivers, miners, etc)

Kavi also exists that accompany folk rituals.

Viridu is another type of Sri Lankan Folk music. It involves an improvised poem sung to the beaten melody of a Rabana a form of mobile drum.

Sri Lanka has produced veteran artists who are well versed in traditional folklore. Late Lionel Ranwala, Mr. Rohana Beddage, Mr.W.D. Makiloluwa and Mr. Sahan Ranwala are to name a few.

They successfully brought Sri Lankan folk tunes and melodies to popular Sri Lankan music, preserving their originality. Late Mr. Lionel Ranwala, whose mentor is W.D. Makuloluwa created a revolution in the local folk music. His son Sahan Ranwala has now taken the initiative to preserve and make people aware of Sinhala Folk Music, following his father's foot steps.

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