SRI LANKA - mini travel guide


Sri Lanka has two types of martial arts, namely Cheena di and Angampora.

Cheena di meaning "Chinese Punch" is an ancient kung fu style in Sri Lanka which was taught to locals by the Chinese monks who visited Sri Lanka on pilgrimages.

Angampora is the combat system native to the country. The exact date of the origin of Angampora is not known but it dates back to the Anuradhapura era (4th century BC - 11th century AD), the time when the Sinhala kingdoms were existing. In those days it was a fighting technique between noblemen.

Angampora was taught to soldiers during the pre-colonial period but was banned during the colonial times.

Hence was taught in secrecy and even now its taught only to a few.
Sward, Dagger, Staff, Spear, Bow and the Arrow are the weapons used in this style. This style also employs a unique weapon consisting of a metal whip with serrations.

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