SRI LANKA - mini travel guide



There is an array of ways of accommodation in the Island of Sri Lanka ranging from Villas, Bungalows, Guest Houses, Beach Hotels, Lodges and Boutique hotels to suit almost any taste and budget.

Spending time among the mountain ranges with the gentle breeze, playing with sun and sand of fabulous coastal areas or enjoying ancient wonders of the Northern part of the island are just dreams for most people. 

If you are touring with someone special, the best would be the boutique hotels - the latest trend in Sri Lanka. Boutique hotels are known for more personalized service and their tranquil atmosphere. Some hotels offer yoga and Ayurvedic facilities to combine natural living with tourist accommodation.

For those who travel with family and friends, looking for more outdoor activities, you may find hotels with ample amount of space and facilities. Or if you are looking for more family activities, Sri Lanka provides you a wide range accommodation options to choose from making your vacation exclusive.

How about getting up in the morning with sweet songs sung by birds ? Love to catch the morning elephants or the sunbathing Leopards ? Ensure you have a life time experience staying in luxurious tented facilities located deep in the national parks.

Privacy, relaxation and wide range of dining opportunities guarantee a perfect holiday.

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