SRI LANKA - mini travel guide


Sri Lankan culture is fascinating. Almost all Sri Lankans have indulged themselves in some sort of Art, such as Dancing, Music, and Painting from ages. Buddhism has been the core of Sri Lankan culture. The connection between society and Buddhism, traditional Arts, Music and Dance are the significance in Sri Lanka culture.

Ancient customs, rituals, traditions have been handed down from generation to generation spanning over the 2,500 year old history of the country and Customs and rituals form a very important part in the Sri Lankan society from ancient times.

Traditional Dances dates back to as far as 5,000 years, the time when emperor Ravana was ruling Sri Lanka; and these traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Culture of Sri Lanka is also diversed just as its beauty. The arts, traditions and customs do differ from region to region but they all express the humble, artistic, entertaining, hospitable life style and aesthetic sense of Sri Lankans.

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