SRI LANKA - mini travel guide


Being a tropical country Sri Lanka is rich with bio diversity. Due to this diversed environment, Sri Lanka is the home for many species of Fauna and Flora. In spite of being a small island, Sri Lanka has a high proportion of endemic species among its flora and fauna. This specialty in biodiversity is because of it having a tropical climate.

Its note worthy that Sri Lanka is one of the 25 biodiversity hot spots in the world.

Diversity and endemism of plants in Sri Lanka are quite high. Its tropical rain forest eco system is exceptionally rich in animal and plant species found nowhere else.

Sri Lanka has distinct eco regions. Hill country has lush green lands and the coastal areas are dotted with marshes and small inland lakes. Tropical rain forest covers much of the southwestern part of the island and the up country has the perfect climate for Tea cultivation.

Sri Lanka's fascinating wildlife can be seen with relative ease in most of the National parks. Yala, Udawalawa, Minneriya, Wasagamuwa, Wilpattu (the biggest national park in Sri Lanka) are to name a few wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka.

Herds of massive Elephants, Deer in these national parks clustering near the tanks in Dawn and Dusk would be an awesome spectacle. If you are an Elephant-lover, see a close-up of the Elephants is an absolutely unique experience. Dry season is the best time to visit.

Other mammals you could sight in Sri Lanka’s national parks to name a few include Sri Lanka's top predator - the Solitary Leopard, the Sloth Bear, Wild pig, Sambhur, Loris (unique to Sri Lanka), Mongoose and varieties of Monkeys. Yala National Park is the second biggest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka and has the highest density of Leopards.

Sri Lanka is truly a safe haven for birds. The lakes and tanks spread across the island has given the chance to spot birds almost anywhere. Most of the birds can be found in the wet zone but some species reside in the dry zone as well. During the winter season, from October to March you may see countless migrant birds flying even from as far as the Arctic and far Europe.

Vast numbers of stilts, sandpipers, terns, plover, herons, egrets, warblers, cuckoo and even Sri Lanka's national bird- endemic jungle fowl can be easily spotted at Bird sanctuaries such as Bundala, Kumana and Kalametiya. Bundala is famous for migrant birds.

Sri Lanka has three beautiful Botanic Gardens - Peradeniya and Hakgala are in the Up country and Henarathgoda in the low country.

Many species of butterflies and dragonflies can also be found in Sri Lanka.

The seasonal migration of glamorous butterflies during the Spring season - March and April - is yet another most spectacular scene.

Sri Lanka is also a home for rich variety of aquatic life. Our island is surrounded by warm waters and our seas are home for many species. Our vividly colorful corals can be exciting. Hikkaduwa is the best known place for viewing colorful coral reefs.

Nevertheless, tourists are still fascinated by the Whale and Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka.

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