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SRI LANKA - Mini Travel Guide


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Getting around the island is possible by plenty of means. >Buses and trains (public transportations) are the most favorable.

Sophisticated Luxury Transportation
There are luxury and semi-luxury bus services attached to tour packages of the travel agencies. Except for that, an intercity express bus service operates in major road networks is also available.

Use as much public transportation modes as possible.!
We know you visit Sri Lanka traveling greater distances and you take all measure to make your vacation extraordinary. Fly to airport, from there to the luxury bus and then to site seeing will make you a prisoner traveling in the prison bus.

Though its not as sophisticated as a luxury journey, Public transportation offers you the best traveling experience. Getting down for some king coconut or fresh fruit juice to quench the thirst, traditional Sri Lankan food tempting your taste buds and enjoying the nature will give you the touch of life. Thatís the uniqueness of public transportation. Insist your travel agent to arrange you some.

However, if you are concern on punctuality, government-operated SLTB buses are the best choice. Reddish busses with SLTB marks are can be spotted easily and refer the image in the right side column.

If you want to enjoy a good traveling experience in the hill country, the best method is the Train.

Train journey amongst the spectacular hill country passing flushing water falls and tea estates is truly breathtaking. Let it be the first class or the second, train journey in Sri Lanka is an appealing mode of travel suiting every level of budget.

Not to worry about the ticket reservations. Colombo Fort Station has a special ticket window for tourists who wish to make advanced bookings.
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Other than Busses and Trains, Three wheeler - commonly known as "tuk tuk" is very popular as a public transportation mode. Spacious enough for three people, "tuk tuks" are an easy and a highly cost-efficient way to get around. Site seeing with Tuk Tuks will be really interesting as you can get down wherever you want to enjoy the vicinity. Tuk tuks are available in towns and even suburbs as a local transportation method.

However, most of the taxis do not have a meter, therefore negotiate and settle a fare before you start the journey.
And make sure you catch a tuk tuk from a three wheeler park and its the advisable and the cheapest way. Besides there are plenty of three-wheel stands near every other junction.

Taxies, Chauffeur-driven cars and Motorized rickshaws are also readily available with several international agencies.

If you wish to take a drive around Sri Lanka on your own, itís advisable to have the International Driving Permit. Otherwise you may acquire a temporary license instead of a valid national driving
license, endorsed by the AA office in Colombo.

Avoid Road Traffic
If you travel by land, try to avoid the Chaotic traffic in rush hours - morning 7.30am to 9.00am and in the evening from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

How about a bird's eye view of Sri Lanka ?
Wanna enjoy the aerial view of white beaches in coastal areas ? or the water falls, tea estates or the tracks along the mountains of the hill country or else picturesque view of massive reservoirs in the North Central Province ? Domestic passenger flights operating in Sri Lanka will give you an unforgettable experience making your vacation extravagant.

The "Internal Aviation" section under Travel information will help you to plan your trip with Sri Lanka's domestic aviation services.

Oops ! Forgot the most important !

No matter how best your travel is, blessed are those who carry a camera with them. Camera and extra batteries are a MUST in your travel kit; otherwise we shall not say how disappointed you would be.

a long running train of government operating SRI LANKA RAILWAY

a short-medium running train of government operating

a government operating SLTB bus

SLTB symbol

photo courtesy: freelancer

a sophisticated luxury bus operated by prominent private travelling/ tourism companies



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