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SRI LANKA - Mini Travel Guide


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If you have decided to Tour in Sri Lanka, following are the important things you need to concern on.

Letís prioritizeÖ.

>> travel documents

accommodations <<

>> cash and cheques

telecommunication <<

>> on arrival

transportation <<

>> foods and water

medicine <<

>> must have

letís not compromise <<

First and foremost is obtaining visa. Certain countries have been given the "Visa on Arrival" facility by the Sri Lankan authorities. Check for the Visa procedure and other travel documents you need to produce according to your country of departure.
Before you depart, verify you have got your visa done, your tickets are confirmed and also the other necessary travel documents are taken, including passport.

For information regarding obtaining Sri Lankan Visas refer the "Resources" section in this Travel Guide.


Always try to find accommodation closer to your final destination. Try to minimize the travelling time to the place of stay and keep as much time as possible for site seeing.
Prior to arrival, re-confirm your reservation with the place of accommodation (if you are travelling on your own) or else inform your travel agent to check it on your behalf.

To obtain more details in accommodations and the information of the Hotels, please refer the "accommodations" page.


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It's better to have cash than carrying Credit Cards. Because in all occasions you may not able to use the Credit Card. If you are bearing Travelers Cheques, you may encash them on arrival at the Airport Premises or at any of the reputed banks.

To obtain more details in banking & currency exchange,
please refer the "BANKS" section of "
useful phone numbers" page.




There are four (04) major mobile telecommunication providers operating in the Island, namely Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat and Hutch. Call rates are comparably low in the Island and upon your arrival, your existing SIM will be given roaming facility through one of our Mobile operators.

To obtain more details in mobile telecommunication providers,
please refer the
"TELECOMMUNICATION Operators" section of "useful phone numbers" page.

Internet accessibility is possible via Fiber-Optics, ADSL, 3G, HSPA, Wi-Fi and GPRS in most parts of the Island.


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It's important to double check with your travel agent (or contact person) about the picking up at the arrival to make sure everything is in place. Communicate them about your arrival date / time, flight number and other necessary information in advance. At the same time, get the details about the personnel who will be picking you up at the Airport.

If you are not obtaining the service of a travel agent and traveling on you own, you may contact the official at the outlet of Bandaranayake (Colombo) International Airport to hire a cab to reach your place of accommodation. In such a case, confirm your accommodation prior to depart from your country.





In Sri Lanka you have so much to explore and enjoy; so glancing through the sites will be totally useless and it's just a waste of time & money. Transportation is a major concern in that case.

You may have your own private vehicles, self-driven as well but, to enjoy your trip to the maximum, we recommend you to use as much public transportation as possible.

You can obtain more details about Transportation methods in Sri Lanka  by referring our "transportation" page.


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While you travel in Sri Lanka, food and beverages won't be a headache. Sri Lankan food - snacks, short eats and fresh fruit juices are readily available in roadside boutiques. Make sure you carry enough bottles of water.

need to know how important to taste the foods & water during your trip in Sri Lanka? please have a look at "foods & water" page.






Sri Lanka is a tropical country and has a moderate climate. Even at the driest season, the temperature would not increase into an unbearable point in any part of the island. Therefore you would not get serious health issues while traveling.
But if you are too sensitive for certain geographical changes, better carry your own medicine, besides there are both government and private hospitals at your service. You may also get Ayurvedic treatments at various places in Sri Lanka.


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Last but the very important is your Camera..!
Why we insist you to carry a camera and few extra batteries is not because it's compulsory, but we definitely know that your trip would be incomplete otherwise.

Wherever you travel in Sri Lanka, you have something attractive and you would not think twice to capture them and take home.
Why not we share Sri Lanka's breathtaking beauty with our friends through facebook or any other social community source?





Keep the important facts noted or better to take a print out of this mini travel guide by using the printable versions of every pages here..

(such as phone numbers, places, information or any other detail on this mini travel guide)
please refer the "
useful phone numbers" page.

Should you need any assistance, don't hesitate to speak to a Sri Lankan citizen. There are generous and ready to help wholeheartedly; so it's just a matter of asking.....

Enjoy your holiday....!


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