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Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Therefore the Buddhist temple was given vital importance and was the main centre of Education, culture and ethics. Buddhist monks are source of advice and inspiration of the villagers and mentor for the betterment of their lives. Almost every major event of the civilian society had given prominence to Buddhism; let it be a marriage, house warming, starting a new venture, Harvesting and even at a funeral Buddhist rituals were given the priority.

Sri Lankan culture and civilization had greatly influenced by the Buddhist teachings. Customs and rituals have been a part of the Sri Lankan society from ancient times. Those had been preserved and practiced through the ages. Parents, Family and Family relations and Morals were given prominence.

Village was the birth place of this valuable culture. Just as the teaching of the Lord Buddha, villagers were simple people leading an uncomplicated life. Just as every village had a temple as all the villagers being Buddhists, every village also had tank or a reservoir as most of the villagers were paddy cultivators.

Unlike in urban areas, in a rural environment like village, every element was clearly defined and the life was so simple. In the context of our ancient heritage, there is a broader definition for Wewai, Dagabai, Gamai, Pansalai (Source of water, built-heritage defining our ways of the past, people as a community and the spiritual centre). Life of the people was based on the tank or the reservoirs, the dagaba, the temple and the village. Human relations, interactions with the nature were given rise. Village is a social web and everybody is a part of it.
Villagers grow their vegetables and fruits in their own home garden and their paddy fields would give them rice. If they harvest more than the amount they need, its been shared among the neighbors.

Village life in the countryside is fascinating and the peace of mind it offers can not be found anywhere.
One can pass some relaxing days in the village, taking time off from the busy schedule and reenergize yourselves.
The hospitality and friendliness of the villagers are amazing. They would never let you leave their place without having at least a cup of tea. Guest is given top priority and whatever they could offer the guest, they will give with wholeheartedly. Village food has its own taste and you would love to try more.

Villagers are the ones who truly enjoy their life. With lesser needs they live simply in harmony with the environment.



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