As you all know, Wikileaks recently released US diplomatic confidential briefings exchanged between the State Department in Washington and the embassies in other countries throughout the world. Among them, there are many cables exchanged between the State department of Washington and the American embassy in Sri Lanka.
According to Wikileaks, the US diplomatic body in Sri Lanka and other interested parties had acted with anger, hatred trying to settle their political scores against Sri Lanka and have given no room for the truth.
Consequences of this unacceptable behavior, are now experienced by the Sri Lankans; for a crime which they have not created. As a matter of fact, they have a right to speak against this injustice.

This segment - "a legitimate response to unprofessional diplomacy" takes facts one by one providing a true insight to the issue and speaks to the whole world on Sri Lankans’ behalf.

WikiLeaks : Beginning and the Story


The SINHALAYA News Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka:

WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organization whose goal is to bring important news and information to the general public protecting their right to know the “truth”. WikiLeaks was found in year 2006 and it was awarded in 2008 and 2009 consequently for the commendable service to the Journalism.
However, WikiLeaks was hitting the world on April, 2010, when it released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate assassination of civilians and journalists in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad – by the American troops. The video clearly shows the senseless killing of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. 
This was the first time the true face of America was exposed.

America, which trying to keep the rest of the world under its foot, preaching about Human Rights was completely naked with the next action of WikiLeaks.  
The Wikileaks website began releasing US diplomatic “top confidential” briefings between the State Department in Washington and the embassies in other countries throughout the world.
With this release, America was totally astonished and furious and these confidential documents staged the shameful diplomacy of America.
WikiLeaks continued releasing thousands of such confidential briefings annoying American officials to the core. Subsequently, the frustrated, Hilary Clinton - United States Secretary of State went on holding media briefs slamming WikiLeaks.
-       Spying on UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon and other high profiles
-       Spying on the leaderships of the countries while keeping healthy diplomatic relationships with them
-       Help the LTTE terrorists whilst being friendly with Sri Lanka; Conspiring to overthrow the government; Spying on Sri Lanka’s leadership and high officials to accuse them on alleged war crimes and conspiring to bring them into an International War crime tribunal
are only a few out of the many “crimes of America”.
WikiLeaks exposed how disgustingly the American State Department drove its diplomatic bodies in other countries by “US interests”. However, the America could not counter attack on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the exposure of the confidential documents; thus they found a truly hilarious was to attack him. 
Julian Assange was charged on alleged “sex crimes” and was arrested in London a few days back.
this shows how helpless America is over this incident.
- Sinhalaya News

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